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The first step anytime you want to have a meaningful, fulfilling, sexual relationship obviously involves chemistry, but the first thing is hygiene.

Hygiene hygiene hygiene.

Sex is supposed to be a beautiful experience between two people or 3 people who want to express their feelings for each other. Sex is supposed to be uninhibited. Sex is supposed to be about anything goes. There are supposed to be no rules and its supposed to be completely comfortable.

Choosing a sexual partner should be just like choosing someone you want to go on vacation with. It should be with someone who matches your style. If you are more of the timid, or docile type, then your partner should be more on the exploratory side. If you are an NBF, ( natural born freak) then you better make sure that you got you yourself a freak as well.

The bedroom is no place for shyness. If you are scared and Afraid, please do us a favor and stay out of the bedroom. The only time fear is allowed in the bedroom is if you are role playing.

I know there are TONS of sites out there that talk about Sex, but this one hasn’t yet, so I wanted to graze the subject.


There’s basically two types of sex. Fucking and lovemaking.

Is there  Really a difference between the two? Not at all. You see, when you meet someone and you’re having a one-night stand with them , there was no love involved there are no emotions involved, it’s just pure lust. It’s not about knowing that person’s name or where they come from or what they do for a living, it’s about having an orgasm and keeping it moving. It’s about getting a quick fix. It’s about getting that high that you’ve been looking for. Of course your bodies connect and your organs lineup and your heart begins to beat and you’re sweating and your adrenaline is pumping but there’s no love involved. How can there be love? You don’t even know that person.

What you’re feeling is an intense sense and urge for gratification. There is this constant craving and an immediate Drive that propel’s you like a predator. Everyone you see becomes the prey and it’s as if your body gives off an aura, a scent that attracts like-minded people to you. A secret is no longer a secret. The craving is in your eyes the craving is in your smile, it’s in your walk,  it’s in your talk, it’s in everything you do.

You become like an animal. There is this Force within you that you can’t even control. And no matter how much you try to stifle these thoughts, they will resurface until your body gets what it wants. Men have a NEED to ejaculate. To cum, to release. It’s not a suggestion, it’s a requirement. It is a mandate. When he wakes up with morning wood, he has to be satisfied. You ever heard the term blue balls? It’s where a man is teased beyond belief to the point where he begins to experience pain in his nuts from the build-up. Men don’t like that. A man will jack off anywhere he can in order to get that release.

Are you trying to tell me that women don’t feel the same way? As a woman you’ve never felt the urgent need to cum?  Where it’s not permission to cum, but it’s more so, YOU BETTER MAKE ME CUM! You see sometimes women seem to be a little bit different. We will have all of the sexual emotions and we will interpret them as,  I just need a hug or a nice walk in the park. But what you really need is a nice fuck. Yes you could go to church and try to pray it away and yes you can go to the gym and try to work it off, but I promise you that feeling will return. And God nor a treadmill will be able to fulfill that craving. The only thing that will fulfill that craving is the touch from another man, the touch from another woman, or perhaps maybe some toys for personal use. Maybe you’re a loner. images


Either way, CHOOSE WISELY.

WHY are we so afraid of sex? It’s religion isn’t it? You have all these guys in powdered wigs talking shit about what a woman is supposed to do in the bedroom and what a man is supposed to do in the bedroom. But honestly it’s none of your fucking business. It’s none of your business who we fuck and how we fuck and what we do with our mouths and our ass. You take the average man in a powdered wig, which is rather funny by the way, and place a beautiful hot girl on her knees in front of him and let’s see how much he rejects her. images-2

I guarantee he will enjoy every second.

I don’t buy into the bullshit, I know men. And I don’t care how religious you claim to be or your vow of celibacy, you will be tempted to act and in most scenarios you will give in. Especially if put in the right predicament. Sex is amazing and when you find a partner who you can be yourself with and you can be open and honest and do everything you’ve always wanted to do with that person, you have found yourself the golden egg. Being able to say lick me here, bite me there, touch me here, go deeper, go faster, go harder it’s priceless.

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This is just a start. There will be more to come. I hope you like what you see and read. Comments are welcome and encouraged.

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