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Apopka, Florida 8 year old little girl says she was molested for 3 years by Gustavo Ramos Beltran



She states that she was molested from the beginning of her daycare stay at the couples home. Apparently, Gustavos wife runs an ILLEGAL daycare center out of their home which was shut down once before in 2018 after allegations of molestation from another girl. Well, they have since started operating this illegal daycare again and now 2 more victims have come forth with the same allegations. He is being charged with 5 counts of Lewd and Lascivious Behavior and other charges and is currently being held on $135,000 bond.

I personally was in correspondence with a young lady who stated that she too was a victim of this man, and we discussed that she would enter a chat to tell her side of what happened, in minor details, and all of a sudden, just before we are scheduled to chat, she backs out and states that she is afraid to speak.

I have also received comments and messages from these people demanding that I take this story down, or I’ll be sorry.

Nobody wants a predator in their community. And indeed, although in any court of law, we are innocent until proven guilty. But what I am not going to do is deny the child their right to justice. Intimidation tactics have been used on children for years and I can tell with the kind of messages and attitude I am getting from this mans family and friends, that they have no issues with threatening people who speak against Gustavo. Well this is the United States, and I have freedom of speech. I have a right to an opinion and you have the right to agree or disagree.

I personally believe these children who have come forth. It is not in my nature to give anyone the benefit of the doubt because we truly don’t know what people would do, and it is the PERFECT opportunity for this man to commit these crimes because his wife constantly has children coming over.

The FACT that they flat out refuse to get a LICENSE for their in home private daycare is a little creepy and suspicious. What are they trying to hide? Once again, the first ILLEGAL day care was shut down for a reason. Lets not forget that.


Details in the case…

They said that law enforcement responded to a sexual battery on December 31 on Sheeler Oaks Drive. The victim, an 11-year-old girl, was in the car with her parents upon arrival. Police said that the girl was going to be dropped off at a babysitter’s house for New Year’s Eve when the girl told her parents that Beltran had been touching her inappropriately. She said that he had been touching her since was in the second grade and that she never told her parents because she was scared of Beltran.

Beltran is said to be the husband of Rocci Divine Ramos, who runs a daycare out of her home on Sheeler Oaks Drive.

Police noted that there is a prior case of the same type of allegation against Beltran from 2018. The case stated that  Beltran had also touched her inappropriately when another girl was just eight-years-old. The child and her mother refused to press charges at the time though. The victim told police that Beltran had done this to her several times over several years. She said that the inappropriate touching began the day she came into the daycare.

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