I’m telling you. Pay your bills. Don’t trust your bank, don’t trust your landlord. Don’t trust the government. Pay your bills.

The bank has NO interest in helping you keep THEIR HOME. You think its yours and call yourself a home owner. Well if you’re a homeowner, how is someone able to come in and take it from you? That’s because, YOU DON’T OWN IT.

I decided to create this video above because I wanted people to understand that going on a rent strike during this economic crisis is not very smart. You have a low chance of winning.

And if you are thinking about using the defense that your landlord has been negligent with the property by not fixing things up, you better make sure that any repairs that you requested of your landlord prior to you losing your job and not having the ability to pay your rent is well-documented. And you want to make sure that you have the full amount of the rent every month when you present your case to the judge.

You cannot present a credible case to a judge as to your reasoning for a rent strike if you have the inability to pay your rent. Because the first thing the judge is going to assume, is that you are only on a rent strike because you don’t have the money. And that puts you in a terrible position.

In this case, your landlord will always win.