Chad Daybell and Lori Vallow at grocery store in Hawaii days before her arrest!

She doesn’t have a care in the world. She’s been going to church, spending up the $430,000 that CHAD DAYBELL got from his dead wife Tammy Daybell.

My goodness. She’s a nasty little bitch. She stood right there in court with her ugly ass and didn’t mention her children at all. I believe she and Alex killed those kids.

I Knew it. I knew he got paid. Now arrest the husband Chad Daybell because if his wife was poisoned HE DID IT. HE received $430,000 from Tammy Daybells untimely death. Did Lori Vallow receive any money from her ex husbands deaths. ALSO, check Yellowstone national park. If she had Alex Cox her brother kill Charles Vallow but claim self defense, who else did Alex Cox kill? He’s dead now, and he can’t possibly be a witness to testify against her. She possibly had him killed. And was there a life insurance policy for Alex Cox as well? He had a new wife who he married 14 days prior to his death. FIND THESE CHILDREN. CHECK THAT PARK. FIND THESE CHILDREN, FIND THESE CHILDREN!!!

And why is he, CHAD DAYBELL, not arrested on suspicion of murder? He collected a hefty life insurance policy in the event that his wife passed away, so clearly that is what’s funding their little romantic, disgusting, demented, dysfunctional vacation in Hawaii. He needs to be arrested just like she does.

I read on one site that she was poisoned, that Chad Daybell wife, Tammy was poisoned so why is he not behind bars if that is the case?

EVEN just the fact that he married Lisa two weeks after his wife died gives all the motive that we need for murder. He had motive, he had opportunity.

This chick is getting away with this because she’s WHITE and that’s bullshit. How many insurance policies has this sadistic bitch cashed in? SOMEBODY knows something. And the main person who knows is ALEX COX. BUT let’s arrest Chad too with his pussy whipped ass! He acts like he’s never had pussy before. Look at him. He’s staring down at that dreadful whore like she’s something special.

The video below is a LIVE CHAT that I did on this story on my YouTube channel.