This girl has it all. I started watching her on YOUTUBE, yep that’s right, she’s on youtube eating seafood along with the others and she’s holding this talent within her. So she’s been a Mukbanger for a while now, at least a year or 3 I’m guessing so that’s how I know her. I watch a lot of mukbang videos. I hadn’t been on her page for a while and decided to visit today and look at her go. She’s a beautiful young lady with a good voice and this song is A HIT.

As a blogger I feel it is my duty to share good content with you guys and by all means, check this girl out. Give her the props that she deserves for this song. She is a bad bitch and deserves to be ON THE SCENE.

The written excerpt from her youtube channel…

<<Have is ever been cheated on before or disrespected from a lover? Don’t be ashamed because more people experiences cheating than you can imagine. I wrote this song for anyone who is dealing with a lover that doesn’t want to act right. I has been cheated on and know how it feels all too well. I guarantee after listening to “Ex Chick” off my EP “Frequency” you will feel empowered to stand up for yourself and realize your don’t have to deal with anymore BS. Leave your feedback down below in the comment section. EP “Frequency” will be available everywhere on all platforms by the end of 1/24/20 if you don’t see if yet check back later and we will be providing links by the end of the day. Enjoy! Follow me on IG: @_officialque_>>