I decided to do this blog because I think its necessary. I feel that perhaps to a degree some are ready and have been ready, meanwhile others, especially evangelicals across the board will have a difficult time with voting for Pete Buttigieg. However, as of late, he is gaining momentum in the political arena and he is coming close to Bernie Sanders.

I wanted to pose a few questions for you to ponder over. Who are you voting for? Would you vote for Pete if he wasn’t gay? And does your decision to vote for him sway heavily because of his sexual orientation? Are you the religious type and do you think you are hypocritical for discriminating against him because of his sexual preference or does it matter more to you to what the bible and your convictions say?

In the video I speak specifically to blacks about a plan that Pete has thats called the Douglas Plan and in the video I discuss what it means for African Americans. It’s putting money, resources back into our communities and giving us a chance that we haven’t had before. A sort of reparations if you will. However, I am under the impression that many blacks won’t vote for him strictly because he is gay and the bible calls homosexuality a sin. I go on to point out and remind everybody that so is fornication and adultery and lying and stealing and killing. I also remind folks that the bible is quoted as saying, He who is without sin, cast the first stone. So no one is perfect. I am not religious at all nor spiritual, but for the sake of this video, people need to be reminded.

Bernie Sanders has been on this thing for a long time, and the question becomes, WHO is more likely to win against Trump? Bernie Sanders or Pete Buttigieg? Some speculate that the media is boosting Buttigieg up because he is a sure LOSER in comparison to Trump because they are fully aware that people just will NOT VOTE FOR A GAY MAN to run The United States. But what say you? Wanna share any thoughts on this subject?