Well he does need to back up off of her. She was doing what journalists do, and asking a question to a beloved friend of Kobe Bryant and now Snoop Dogg threatened her and said we are coming for you in the video if she doesn’t back off of Kobe Bryant and stop attacking his legacy.



He has since said that he didn’t threaten Gayle, (which is a lie), because he flat out DID threaten her.


The video is linked above and I show it in my YOUTUBE video addressing his threats.

The conversation between King and Leslie drew the ire of Dogg due to multiple questions about rape allegations against Bryant that were filed in 2003. Bryant was charged with rape at the time, but the case was ultimately dropped after the accuser would not testify. A civil suit was later settled for an undisclosed amount of money.

Bryant admitted to having sex with his accuser, but he insisted that the relationship was consensual. Despite the case being dealt with in 2003, King still asked Leslie if she felt that Bryant’s legacy was complicated by the sexual assault charges. The former WNBA star responded by defending her friend.

“I just never, have ever seen him being the kind of person that would do something to violate a woman or be aggressive in that way,” Leslie said in response to King’s question. “That’s just not the person that I know.”

SO, this woman Leslie gave a character reference for Kobe Bryant and even if Gayle King was trying to be rude and stir the shit pot, she said, Kobe has never shown that type of behavior. But Snoop Dogg was too upset and began calling her all kinds of names. And it was highly offensive. And if you don’t know Snoop, he was pissed at her and Oprah for what he sees as unfair behavior from them, especially being black and speaking in what he considers a negative light against his homeboy, as he calls Kobe Bryant.


Snoop Dogg gives an explanation for his earlier post.

“Now with that being said, what do I look like, wanting some harm to come to a 70-year-old woman? I was raised way better than that,” Dogg continued in his Instagram video. “I don’t want no harm to come to her and I didn’t threaten her. All I did was say, ‘Check it out, you outta pocket for what you doing and we watching you. Have a little bit more respect for Vanessa and her babies, and Kobe Bryants legacy”