Welcome welcome welcome to my website I’m Ericka Courtney and the video above is posted on my youtube channel. I am a news blogger and decided to share my thoughts and opinions with you on the Harvey Weinstein case. I have been doing news stories for a LONG ASS TIME, so I am used to what comes with it. You might believe that some of the cases that I discuss are completely inappropriate and untimely. I feel like the opportunity for discussion is inevitable, so why not talk about it NOW? By all means, watch my videos, share them, like them and subscribe to my channel and  FOLLOW my website.

My stories cause me to get death threats, trolled, harassed and called every kind of name you can imagine. It all goes with the territory and I feel that outside of physical harm, my readers, followers, and subscribers are free to leave their opinion on anything I talk about. I might not agree with your thoughts, but you have a right to express them. So head on over to LIVING WITH ERICKA, on youtube and watch some stories LIVE, or stories I have uploaded for you. It’s ALL FOR YOU. skynews-harvey-weinstein-accusers_4125551

This story in the video above is one that I AM NOT PROUD OF. WHY? 6 of his victims did some odd stuff, IMO, and although Harvey is a piece of shit, He couldn’t have done many of these things without some people being just absolutely stupid and gullible. Your thoughts? My opinions may vary from yours. I would like to hear your thoughts. harvey weinstein