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I am Ericka Courtney a news blogger and decided to do this video because it is necessary. While others are mourning Kobe Bryant, there are details in the rape case that need to be told and I am discussing it in this video on my youtube channel. By all means, feel free to visit my channel called, LIVING WITH ERICKA. I have started doing my news stories there as well as this place, which is my home.

I am credible and all of my stories are authentic news stories that come from reliable sources. I share public information and use my time to discuss, inform, read, educate, ridicule, correct any stories that I come across that interest me. Kobe Bryants story interested me because of the allegations of rape that he got away with. He never served any time or paid any penalty for what he did. Therefore, THIS VIDEO needed to be made.

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The details in this story are gory and this young lady describes what happened to her the fateful night that she met Kobe Bryant.

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So… do yall remember this?

According to Kobe’s police file, while he was being questioned by officers about the alleged sexual assault, Kobe said, “I should have done what Shaq does,” adding, “Shaq gives [mistresses] money or buys them cars, he has already spent one million dollars.” The report added, “Kobe stated that Shaq does this to keep the girls quiet.”

Years later, in 2008, Shaq freestyle-rapped about the incident at a club in New York. “I’m a horse / Kobe ratted me out, that’s why I’m gettin’ divorced / He said Shaq gave a bitch a mil / I don’t do that, because my name’s Shaquille,” ending the rhyme by repeating the refrain, “Kobe, how my ass taste?”

Well do you? See you might have forgotten, might not have cared, possibly thought this white woman was just trying to get a paycheck, but fast forward to 2020 and guess what was revealed? THE VICTIM ACCEPTED NO MONEY. NO PAYOUT AND CAME FROM A WEALTHY FAMILY. She wanted her honor and her name cleared and Kobe Bryant agreed to do that as part of the settlement when he made the apology letter. He all but ADMITTED WHAT HE DID.

Have you read the statement? Well don’t judge me until you read it. Here it is…

First, I want to apologize directly to the young woman involved in this incident. I want to apologize to her for my behavior that night and for the consequences she has suffered in the past year. Although this year has been incredibly difficult for me personally, I can only imagine the pain she has had to endure. I also want to apologize to her parents and family members, and to my family and friends and supporters, and to the citizens of Eagle, Colo. I also want to make it clear that I do not question the motives of this young woman. No money has been paid to this woman. She has agreed that this statement will not be used against me in the civil case. Although I truly believe this encounter between us was consensual, I recognize now that she did not and does not view this incident the same way I did. After months of reviewing discovery, listening to her attorney, and even her testimony in person, I now understand how she feels that she did not consent to this encounter. I issue this statement today fully aware that while one part of this case ends today, another remains. I understand that the civil case against me will go forward. That part of this case will be decided by and between the parties directly involved in the incident and will no longer be a financial or emotional drain on the citizens of the state of Colorado.

Kobes statement in an excerpt about his desire to strangle women…

Eagle County Sheriff investigators first confronted Bryant with the sexual assault accusation on July 2. During the July 2003 interview with investigators, Bryant initially told investigators that he did not have sexual intercourse with his accuser, a 19-year-old woman who worked at the hotel where Bryant was staying. When the officers told Bryant that she had taken an exam that yielded physical evidence, such as semen, Bryant admitted to having sexual intercourse with her, but stated that the sex was consensual.

When asked about bruises on the accuser’s neck, Bryant admitted to “strangling” her during the encounter, stating that he held her “from the back” “around her neck”, that strangling during sex was his “thing” and that he had a pattern of strangling a different sex partner (not his wife) during their recurring sexual encounters. When asked how hard he was holding onto her neck, Bryant stated, “My hands are strong. I don’t know.” Bryant stated that he assumed consent for sex because of the accuser’s body language such as her kissing him, putting her hand on his penis, and bending over, but that he did not explicitly ask for her consent during the encounter. Bryant later said that he believed his accuser was capable of saying no because during the encounter he asked her if he could “cum on her face”, and she said no.

Law enforcement officials collected evidence from Bryant and he agreed to submit to a rape test kit and a voluntary lie detector test. On July 4, Sheriff Joe Hoy issued an arrest warrant for Bryant. Bryant flew from Los Angeles back to Eagle, Colorado, to surrender to police. He was immediately released on $25,000 bond, and news of the arrest became public two days after that. On July 18, the Eagle County District Attorney’s office filed a formal charge against Bryant for sexual assault. If convicted, Bryant faced probation to life in prison. On July 18, after he was formally charged, Bryant held a news conference in which he adamantly denied having raped the woman. He admitted to having an adulterous sexual encounter with her but insisted it was consensual.