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Some people cannot take a joke and no matter how you try to be funny or enjoy yourself while on this earth, there are people out there who are SCROOGES at best. That’s how I would describe this man. Anurag Chandra is the party pooper that nobody likes.

These teenage boys were joy riding in their car. 6 of them to be exact and they decided to play a prank by going up to a random house and ringing the doorbell then running away. Thats how is was supposed to end. They would ring the bell, the owner would get annoyed or frustrated. The children would run away laughing, and hop back into their car and drive off.

Well what happened was, they rang the doorbell and Mr. Chandra who was a resident at the home came outside and jumped into his vehicle and decided to chase these kids. He chased them, then rear ended them, then proceeded to ram his vehicle into theirs which caused the driver to run off the road and hit a tree, which killed 3 of the 6 teenagers. They were riding in a Toyota Prius. 3 of those children, including the driver suffered non life threatening injuries.


He deliberately ran these boys over then fled the scene. He was arrested shortly afterwards.


What goes on in a persons mind to do something so dumb? Yeah, I know the children started it. But they were just having fun. What sane person would get into a chase with someone who simply knocked on their door, then took off running?

Also, do you think that he deserves the death penalty for this crime?