I decided to do this video, which is actually a 2 hour video with live chat sessions from some of my subscribers on YOUTUBE. cHECK IT OUT. iF YOU want to see what folks are saying about the drug epidemic and discuss the cause of homelessness in California.

The Governor of California issued an order to send a fleet of RV’s to Oakland California. I am not sure if it is in response to the organization Moms4Housing, but it is right on time because this group of women were just evicted from a home they were squatting in and arrested. They have a gofundme account and received over $40,000 in donations. The campaign is closed now since they were only asking for $2,000 for bail money. But these women all work full time jobs and can’t find anything affordable. The community that they thought they’d be renting in is currently going through gentrification and the side affects of that is, they have been priced out. I discuss my personal experience with homelessness and I am grateful that someone came to help me. I wish these women the best.

Also this video is discussing the homeless addicts that have taken over the streets in California. There are currently over 700 homeless camps in California and I discuss with the chat room whether or not sleeping on the streets should be criminalized. What do you think?

Here are some photos and videos showing California TODAY. THESE ARE NOT OLD VIDEOS. THESE ARE CURRENT CONDITIONS

And below is my video of the Live chat. These videos above are shown in glimpses on the chat session because there are so many people who weren’t aware of the crisis that is existing and plaguing California RIGHT NOW.