This video above is me discussing the entire story on MY youtube channel. I go into depth about what this man did and how it is impacting those who know him and some possible reasons that he decided to kill his loved ones and their family pet.


tony todt arrested
Anthony “Tony” Todt confessed to killing his entire family. Wife and 3 kids and family dog


Anthony John Todts actions proves that he is CLEARY suffering from narcissism. He is a narcissist who indulged himself in money that wasn’t his and was under investigation for stealing from the government. He allowed his family to suffer while he took on more debt than the family could handle and continued to bury himself and bring his unsuspecting family down with him.

He robbed Peter to Pay Paul on many accounts and didn’t stop to get help. He just continued to take their finances on a downward spiral in an attempt to look as if he was prosperous.

A man confessed to killing his wife, his three children and the family dog in late December at their home in the Celebration neighborhood, Osceola County Sheriff Russ Gibson said Wednesday afternoon.

Anthony Todt told detectives he killed his wife, Megan Todt, 42, their sons, Alek Todt, 13, and Tyler Todt, 11, their daughter, Zoe Todt, 4, and their dog, Breezy, Gibson said during a news conference.

Deputies said they assisted Health and Human Services agents in serving an arrest warrant Monday morning when they encountered Todt at the home  .. and discovered the bodies.

Todt was escorted by Osceola County deputies to the Osceola County Jail Wednesday.

Gibson said the remains have not been positively identified, but detectives believe them to be those of Todt’s wife and children.

He said autopsies conducted Monday determined the cause of death to be homicide.

Gibson said it is believed they died in late December.

He said deputies were previously called to the home to conduct a well-being check after a relative said she was told the Todts had the flu and she had not heard from them in two days.

Gibson said deputies did not make contact with the family and nothing appeared to be suspicious.

Todt is cooperating with investigators, Gibson said. He said Todt took Benadryl and threatened to harm himself Monday, so he was taken to a hospital as a precaution and was released Wednesday morning.

Todt was arrested on a warrant for multiple counts of homicide one count of animal cruelty.