This is a LIVE 2 HOUR FEED of me discussing George Lopez and his joke and the Iran situation. This video starts out serious, but ends up at a strange place.

george lopez
Comedian George Lopez
General Qassem Soleimani 

I don’t see why Qassem Soleimani had to die and for those who actually do believe there is a legitimate reason, I would love to know that. By all means present your comments below. But make sure you explain like I am 5 because I am not versed on politics and especially foreign policy or our relationships with them.

I can tell you why Ted Bundy, Omar Mateen, and others died, even Osama Bin Laden we have a legitimate reason, but what’s going on with this dude? According to every news source, this guy was killed because HE MIGHT BE A THREAT. But to me this dude just seemed like a guy who Trump didn’t like and felt upset that he had more power than he did. Also, with him going through Impeachment process, starting a war, MIGHT help him stay in office longer.