An anatomy teacher at a private Christian school in Texas was arrested for an alleged months-long sexual relationship with an 18-year-old student, a report said.

The relationship between Lacey Jo Cunningham, 32, and the female student at Woodlands Christian Academy began after the two started texting last August, according to The Houston Chronicle.

From there, the two met one day outside of school over coffee, went to church then spent the night together at Cunningham’s apartment, the report said, citing court documents.

The pair engaged in more than 20 sexual encounters, the documents allege, before the student told her mom, who then called cops.

Detectives showed up to Cunningham’s home on Dec. 14. The teacher admitted to sleeping in the same bed with the student, but claimed there was “never any physical contact,” according to her arrest affidavit.

Cunningham also told authorities the overnight stays were initiated by the student, the report says.

The teacher let detectives search the home. They seized a cell phone, computer and her school-issued laptop, the affidavit says.

Cunningham turned herself in on Dec. 19. She was charged with improper relationship between educator/student and later released from jail after posting 50,000 bail.

Of course she WOULD blame the girl for her actions. It’s so annoying when teachers don’t accept responsibility that they are the adults and are entrusted with these children. Things went wrong when she invited this girl to her house. And if she were smart, she would have waited until the girl was of legal age before trying to pursue a relationship with her, but she possibly liked it more because it was forbidden and Illicit. Many people in a position of power enjoy having leverage over their prey.

Also, I might add, how long does a stick of lipstick last this lady because she had ABSOLUTELY NO LIPS. geesh if it weren’t for those eyebrows, she’d be practically useless. And that mugshot looks a little frightening. Are we sure she didn’t rape this girl, because she looks terrifying. Look at her. There is something sinister behind those eyes, which is probably why she is working at a christian facility. She’s dirty and looking for redemption.