This man died after he got into a high speed chase with cops. They were chasing him because the car he was driving was reported stolen. Guess what? He had recovered the vehicle and never told police that he found it. Unfortunately, none of us know why he ended up in a high speed chase with cops and we don’t know why he had to die for it. Even if he was the perp and was in a stolen vehicle, which he wasn’t, but if he was, he didn’t deserve to lose his life. Stealing a car isn’t punishable by death. You get arrested and go to jail. This man never had a chance to defend himself and once the officers were on him, they brutally attacked him and in the video he is said to have bitten two of the officers. But he was being choked and dragged out of HIS VEHICLE by his hair. Watch the full video below and tell me what you think. He was also disabled. Yeah. HE WAS DISABLED according to news sources.

As Ward lay unresponsive on the ground, another officer realized he was the vehicle’s owner.

“This is, this is the owner of the car,” the officer said. “This is David Ward. He’s the, he’s the victim.”

“Oh well,” Blount said.


Watch this video on my YouTube channel. I titled it WHITE LIVES DON’T MATTER because that’s what I am seeing. When it comes to a white man being killed unjustly in the same manner that a black man gets killed by police, there is NO OUTRAGE. And I wonder why white people don’t protest when this happens. Why are you not as outraged as I am? I cannot understand how this is happening and there is no sensationalism. This man was murdered by a rogue cop who has since been fired, but there isn’t outrage. I am disappointed.

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This video below is the complete incident and shows the last minutes of Mr. Wards life. Please watch and leave your thoughts about this story.



What I didn’t mention in the video is this. Mr Ward is heard saying, Why do you keep harassing me? What I didn’t understand is who was he talking to? Officer Charlie Blount was a callous asshole. He killed that man and it didn’t have to happen. Bashing his head up against the car. What an unprofessional dirt bag. He held that man over 30 seconds in the choke hold and NOT ONE TIME offer to jump in and assist with saving this mans life. He watched Mr. Ward on the ground barely breathing and gurgling as he struggled to survive. Charlie Blount needs to be charged with MURDER. Mr. Ward was tased and placed in the choke hold simultaneously. Why is that necessary to detain someone? Where were the commands to GET OUT OF THE VEHICLE? Why wasn’t he questioned as to who he was? Why wasn’t he asked, What his name was and the usual stuff we are asked when pulled over by police? Did Officer Blount know this man and kill him intentionally and use his badge to hide behind his crime?


Also, did you hear the comment that Mr. Blount gave after Officer Jax appeared on the scene to tell them that Mr. Ward was the victim of the 215 and that he was the victim in all of this? Mr. Blount responded with a resounding, “OH WELL”. HE DIDN’T CARE AT ALL. He had no compassion, no sympathy and his voice was uncaring and his attitude was cold. He stated ONLY after being told that Mr. Ward wasn’t breathing that someone give him CPR and that it couldn’t hurt to do it. He could care less whether Mr. Ward lived or died

I believe there is more to this story and we aren’t being told everything.