She’s throwing her entire life away because of this. She’s attractive, she’s educated. Why would she do this to herself?

If she’s required to register as a sex offender, that’s Gonna be horrible for her future.

A Florida teacher’s aide allegedly had sex with two 15-year-old boys in the pool at her condo building.

Kirstie None Rosa has been charged with being intimate with two students at her condo in East Naples after a party as well as visiting one boy’s home several times to have sex.

The 27-year old is also accused of plying the boys with drugs and alcohol during these meetings, according to the Naples Daily News.

She allegedly gave them alcohol, marijuana and nicotine for vape devices before picking them up in her car and taking them to a party.

One student said he and some of his classmates hung out with Rosa at the party and smoked cannabis, according to a police report.

They then went back to her condo and she allegedly had sex with two of the boys in the swimming pool.

The first student said their contact began when he and some of his classmates were talking to Rosa about vaping and she asked them for their Snapchat information so they could communicate.

He said they began flirting via Snapchat and on October 30, Rosa came to his house and he brought her to his bedroom where they watched Netflix, smoked marijuana and had sex.

Video footage from the pool showed Rosa engaged in sex with two students, according to NBCreported.

It is not clear if the footage showed all three having sex together or if it happened on separate occasions.

Collier County detectives reportedly obtained the CCTV footage of Rosa having sex with two 15-year-old boys in her condo’s swimming pool.

But she told investigators she let the students come over and use her condo’s pool, but ‘didn’t hang out with them’.