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Rheta Leanne Melvin, 36 of Riddle was arraigned Friday on charges relating to sexual intercourse with a 14-year old boy who attended the same school as her daughter.

According to police reports, an investigation began after officials received reports of inappropriate sexual conduct between Melvin and the boy on Dec 3.

Melvin has been charged with:

-Luring a Minor

-Online Sexual Corruption of a Child – First Degree

-Sexual Abuse in the Second Degree

Sodomy Third Degree

-Rape Third Degree

-Contributing to the Sexual Delinquency of a Minor

According to the probable cause statement, the boy and his mother told officers that Melvin added him on Snap Chat and began messaging him.

After exchanging sexually explicit images via the app, the boy alleges that Melvin lured him to her car and drove a short distance before pulling over and engaging in sexual intercourse with the minor in the back seat of her vehicle.

The reports note that the boy told police Melvin continued to contact him and asked him to meet up but that he felt uncomfortable and made excuses to avoid her.

According to the reports, his mother found out about the incident through another parent. The report notes that the boy showed officers some of the messages but told them he had deleted the sexually explicit photos.

In one of the messages that officials were able to read, the boy told Melvin he was not getting back together with an ex to which she replied that “he is saving himself for her (Melvin).”

DNA was collected from a shirt the boy said he was wearing during the incident in Melvin’s car on Dec 4.

Police reports note that on Dec 5 a search warrant was conducted at Melvin’s home. Melvin was at her home when officers arrived. The reports note that after she was read her Miranda rights she agreed to answer questions.

Melvin admitted to “sexting” a young boy saying that she originally thought he was “either 17 or 18.” She admitted to sending photos and videos with sexually explicit content but said that the boy had requested them. She said he also sent her sexually explicit content which she admitted: “she might have requested from him.”

Melvin did not admit to having intercourse with the boy however she admitted to giving him a ride to visit with her daughter. Her daughters later told police the boy had never been to their home.

Melvin admitted to “sexting other young kids,” but declined to discuss details about other incidents.

Melvin was released on bail Dec 6 for $5000 with a bond set at $50,000, her next court date is scheduled for December 13, 2019