Hero Loki Nicholi Sharp

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A mother and father in Arkansas are experiencing an unimaginable loss after their son died in a house fire while attempting to rescue his beloved pet puppy.

Kurtis and Kaitlin Sharp lost everything in the blaze that erupted in their Gentry home on Saturday night but none of their possessions mattered compared to the loss of their 23 month old son Loki Nicholi Mason.

Gentry fire chief Vester Cripps confirmed the tragic death to the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, telling the outlet that the Sharp’s home caught fire around 5 p.m. on Saturday.

the parents and their children were not inside the home at the time the flames broke out but quickly scrambled to call for help and extinguish the fire themselves. However, amid the chaos the parents did not notice that their little boy Loki had re-entered the home to save their pet dog, Cripps said.