A child accidentally shot by his dad while hunting in Orangeburg County, South Carolina, has died.

Colton Williams, 9, died in Springfield, South Carolina, according to the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.

Family members said Williams was out rabbit hunting with his dad and a family friend on Thanksgiving when he was accidentally shot by his dad.

Williams was a fourth-grader who went to Kelly Edwards Elementary School in Williston.

“It is with great sadness that we share news of the passing of one of our beloved fourth grade KEES scholars, Colton Williams,” the school district wrote on its Facebook page. “Please join in with the KEES/Williston School District 29 family as we lift the family in prayer.”

“Counselors will be on-site at KEES Monday morning, and will continue to be available throughout the week and longer, if needed.

You know I am all for teaching your children how to fish and to swim. I understand the desire to teach a young boy or girl how to hunt. But its not only YOUR bullet that you have to worry about, it is also the other hunters that are searching for the same prize that you are that could hurt your child or even you. So why do men take their boys hunting? I’m guessing it is a coming of age thing? l feel sorry for this dad. That must be a horrible traumatic incident that he will never forgive himself for.

Call me old fashioned. But there are better things that we can teach our children other than how to KILL AN INNOCENT ANIMAL. Especially if there are GROCERY STORES that have food. I don’t see the need to go hunting for rabbit. What did that rabbit ever do to you? I’m not vegan or anything close. I JUST don’t understand the need for senseless killing. But I digress.

And if you insist on taking your child hunting, perhaps put him or her on some protective gear. If you are gonna expose that child to danger, the same way you wouldn’t let them go out without a coat in winter, or ride a car without a seat belt, why would you allow your kids to hunt without protective gear? Don’t you put life vests on your child when you take them swimming? Geesh what am I missing here? I might have been an over protective mom to my boy, but he’s a grown man now and taking every risk possible. Whatever I kept him from doing as a boy, he is doing it all now. I just wanted him safe and I wanted him ALIVE AND WELL.