So yeah, Jonelle Jade Dare 33 years old was pissed off because she didn’t get plastic ware with her order nor did she receive napkins. Well she pulled up a few feet from the drive through window, they thought she was leaving, but she backed her vehicle up And opened fire inside the drive thru window.

Good grief lady!! A chill pill is in order. 😭😭🤣

Somebody left a comment adding AT LEAST ITS NOT POPEYES CHICKEN.

Welcome to my NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL. IT’S CLEAN AND FREE of profanity. ERICKA COURTNEY VLOGS 4U IS the name of my new channel. Just getting set up there.

I decided to create another channel because everybody doesnt like my foul mouth self. 😭😭🤣

Regardless I’ll be posting videos there AND my other channel called LIVING WITH ERICKA. SO SUBSCRIBE TO BOTH IF YOU LIKE.