What a brave 14 year old girl. She called because she wanted to kill herself from living in this filthy ass environment and her abusive mother wouldn’t allow her to attend school. She was forced to stay home under the guise of homeschooling but instead acted as a caretaker to 4 children, 3 dogs, a rabbit and 2 chickens while her mom and dad ALLEGEDLY worked.

Authorities said a child’s call for help led to the arrest of two people who were living in a deplorable state with five children.

Flagler County Sheriff’s Office said they arrested Betty Allen, 42, and Dennis Allen, 44, after it was discovered every room in their home was covered in animal waste, rotting food and roaches.

Officials were called to the home after a 14-year-old girl reported she was being emotionally and physically abused by her parents and was made to be the caregiver to her four younger brothers and sisters.

“This is a traumatic situation for all of the children involved … I am thankful that these kids are now safe from these two individuals who obviously do not know how to properly care for children,” Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly said.

Investigators also found three dogs, a rabbit and two chickens on the property.

The children are in the custody of the Department of Children and Families. Staly fears the children will be traumatized a second time if they are separated and placed into different foster homes.

Sheriff Staly said he’s contacted the Sheriff’s Youth Ranch organization and one location has room for all five siblings.

“My staff is reaching out to DCF to see what we can do and see if we can get them placed at youth ranches,” Staly said.

Dennis Allen told WESH 2’s Claire Metz he has a story to tell, but declined to tell it at this point in fear of jeopardizing the case against him and his wife.

He said his ultimate goal is to bring his children home.

How FUCKING disgusting but he THINKS he should be able to keep his kids.

They were GIVEN THAT HOME by Habitat for Humanity and look at what they’ve done with their nasty ass. A filth that no child or animal should have to live in.

The Bad thing about it is if this couple cleans up the house, the state will most DEFINITELY consider placing them back in the house. And that’s the shame That we carry in this country.
I’ve seen it time and again. These disgusting, vile parents do what it takes just to get their children back from protective services because they don’t want their checks to stop or their food stamps to stop rolling in. They do just enough to please the social worker and then he or she allows that child back into that home again. We are failing our children.