WESH 2 Orlando: Man claims in lawsuit he ended up paralyzed after riding waterslide at Volcano Bay.

Orlando Florida,

A New York Man is suing Universal, caliming that injuries suffered on a waterslide at Volcano Bay cause paralysis.

According to the lawsuit filed in Orange County Circuit Court, James Bowen and his family were spending the day at Volcano Bay when he and his daughters decided to ride the Punga Racers waterslide.

The lawsuit claims that Bowen Hit a wall of water as he exited the water slide into the wading pool. He said it caused his neck to violently snap back, leaving him facedown in the water and unable to move. His daughter and his wife noticed something was wrong and flipped him over.

Doctors at Orlando Regional Medical Center performed a computerized tomography scan and according to the lawsuit it showed that Bowe had suffered a severe spinal cord compression along the C3 to C7 vertebrae. He was almost completely paralyzed the lawsuit claims.

A state report released every quarter documenting injuries at Central Florida theme parks said only that a 47 year old man suffered numbness after riding Punga Racers.

Bowen underwent surgery in which doctors removed part of his C3 to C7 vertebrae and installed screws and rods resulting in a partial fusion of this section of his spinal column, the lawsuit claims.

Bowen eventually began to regain the use of his arms and legs, the lawsuit claims he remains limited in what he can do. He was released from the hospital on August 8, about a month after he was hurt.

“Bowens relationship with his wife and daughters suffers as he cannot do many of the activities that he did prior to sustaining his injuries” the lawsuit claims.

According to Universals website, there is a 150 pound weight limit for the ride Punga Racers slide. The lawsuit claims that the limit was instituted after Bowen suffered his injury. The lawsuit said that Bowen weighed 215 pounds the day he rode the ride. The lawsuit is seeking more than $15,000 in damages for Bowen and his wife.

Thats all he is seeking? There is not one logical reason why he should be seeking so litttle. They were negligent and there isn’t a price you can put on your comfort and your lifestyle. This man suffered trememdously and $15,000 won’t even cover his medical bills.

He should be asking somewhere along the lines of a quarter million. That’s right. $250,000. If he worked and now can’t because of his injuries that he sustained, someone has to account for that. He need to be made WHOLE. Not just comfortable, but WHOLE. What was he before he got on that ride? If he lead an active lifestyle and he can’t anymore, somebody has got to pay.

If he worked full time and can’t pay off his debt, that should be covered. He was only 47 years old when this happened and had at least another 25 good years of work in him. Retirement age today is around 72. The average person cannot retire at 65. This guy suffered irreparable damage to his spine. What will happen to him in 15 years? When he tries to get a job to support himself and his wife, what will future employers say when they hear of his back injuries? Nobody wants to hire a potential liability. Trust me, I have Vertigo that’s severely chronic and can’t get a job because I’m a liability and not an asset. Trust me, I’ve literally been blacklisted from all my ex employers since I got sick 9 years ago. They won’t rehire me. And going back to my prior profession is out of the question. I can feel this mans pain and agony.

Back injuries can be deceptive and to think that they’ll give him a measly $15,000 is bullshit. Pay the man!