Allentown Pennsylvania to children were found hanging by a dog leash in Albany Township residents where they live with their mother and teenage brother, Pennsylvania police reported. Lisa Snyder 36, discovered her children Connor Snyder 8, and Brinley Snyder 4, hanging and unresponsive. They were immediately rushed to Lehigh Valley Hospital near Allentown. While they were revived on the way to the emergency room and placed on life support, doctors pronounced them dead three days later. On September 23rd at about 4:30 p.m. dispatch received a call from Berks County communications reporting two juvenile victims who were found hanging and unresponsive at the residence. Authorities obtained at least six separate warrants to search the home for evidence.

According to an affidavit, the children were hanging from opposite ends of a dog leash that was wrapped around the main support beam in the basement. The document States each end of the wire lead was found wrapped around the children’s necks. Court documents state two chairs were found flipped over on the floor on either side of the victims bodies. The children were in full Cardiac Arrest as they were flown to the hospital by Medics from Kempton fire company. They were able to revive the kids in route and subsequently place them on life support as soon as they reach the hospital.

But 3 Days Later the children were removed from life support as doctors pronounce them dead at just 14 minutes apart. Lisa and her seventeen-year-old son, who cannot be named for legal reasons told police that Connor played with video games and surfed the internet using an Xbox gaming console. According to court papers, authorities seized that said console, cell phones, 2 tablets as well as a laptop computer from the home for investigative purposes. Lisa later revealed to cops that she owned a husky pitbull mix weighing about 50. The dog which has been given away had been kept outside the residence attached to the wire cable leash with a plastic coating. Autopsy reports from last week were inconclusive, but the coroner said forensic testing is required to determine the cause and manner of death. That said, no arrests have been made and the investigation continues.

So I will start by saying, who is capable of committing this crime? Do you think that Connor hang himself and his sister? The mother was under investigation by protective services for children and the case was ongoing. So, somehow, they were reported or something had taken place in that household that lead the department there. Aslo, something is odd with the neighbors. Nobody was willing to talk to the investigators. They questioned several residents in the community and they all refused to talk. What’s up with that?

We have 2 children who were allegedly found hanging by their mom, who in my opinion was conveniently absent when this took place and we have a 17 year old who hasn’t said anything other than place the blame on his brothers video games and websites that he may have visited. But I have questions. Was the teenager supposed to be babysitting? Because if she, he did a shitty job. He had one Job and that was to look after his baby sister who was 4 years old and he couldn’t even do that.

And to bring up the brother Connor as having been playing video games or websites that might have caused him to do this, because though the 17 year old nor the mother have said it outright, they are BLAMING CONNER … I may be misspelling his name, but they are BLAMING Connor for this. And let’s go further. If Mom or the brother suspected that Connor was capable of this, why would they leave little Brinley alone with him? If Mom stepped out for a while and asked her older son to watch the kids, what in the actual hell was he doing while Connor had the time to gather two chairs from the dining room, he had time to take them down to the basement and set up shop while he tied the perfect knot to make sure that he killed himself and his baby sister.

Connor Snyder was a plump kid. His photos showed that he definitely didn’t miss any meals. And he looked like an overall happy kid. But looks can be deceiving.

But how high were those ceilings in the basement? How much work would it take a chubby kid like Connor to pull this off? Were the ceilings 6 feet? Were they 8 feet? That’s something we don’t know. BUT the weight of the rope/leash had to be substantial to make sure that it held Connors weight. After all, once you knock those chairs down from underneath you, you need to make sure that the leash doesn’t give way or you won’t accomplish your mission to kill yourself. Right?

So who taught Connor to tie the perfect knot? Was the leash recovered from the scene and how was the assembly? If it was expert assembly, then wow.

Lets say that Connor did do this. Why would he take his sister with him? And why this particular day of all days?

That would mean that he planned this whole thing out. He waited for his mother to leave and killed them both.

So let’s say the ceiling is 5-6 foot. How tall was Connor? Would he have been able to reach the ceiling? With a chair, it depends on how tall he is. The average 8 year old boys height is 4’2-4’7. That’s 50 inches. The average basement ceiling height is 7 feet. That’s 84 inches. The average dining room chair height from floor to seat is 17 inches. So we add the 50 inches for Connors presumed height plus an additional 17 inches for the height of the chair and that gives us 67 inches. That’s not counting arms reach.

I’m 5’9 and my arms reach is about a 27. It’s longer actually. And you gotta account for standing on tip toes. Could Connor have done this?

Everything has to be investigated. Did Connor show any signs of sibling rivalry? Was Connor being bullied in school? Was he jealous of his sister? He was an 8 year old boy so there would be plenty of evidence to support this accusation.

I personally don’t believe that Connor did this. I find that the mother was negligent and if she felt that her son was violent and could cause any harm to his sister, she should have taken Connor with her or taken HER FOUR YEAR OLD DAUGHTER WITH HER INSTEAD OF LEAVING HER WITH 2 BOYS.

Do you know what can happen when you leave your little girl alone with an older brother? Yes, most teenage boys are good kids and wouldn’t harm a child, but there are many cases where the opposite has taken place and Mom trusted the wrong kid.

I’m that blogger who feels that Jon Benet was killed by her older brother and that the parents covered it up. I feel that they didn’t want to lose the entire family so they staged the house to look like an intruder had come in. But what do I know? I’m just a blogger.