WCVB Boston: 3 children, mother, father found dead in Abington condo.

Three children and two adults from one family were found dead Monday in a condo in Abington.

Police received a 911 call at 7:30 a.m. for a report of a medical emergency at 135 Centre Avenue.

Upon arrival, officers found the body of a woman and a man and three children, including twins, District Attorney Timothy Cruz said. The dead include a mother, father and their three children.

The victims have been identified by the district attorney as Deirdre Zaccardi, 40; Alexis, 11; Nathaniel and Kathryn, 9; and Joseph Zaccardi, 43.

5 Investigates learned that a family member went to pick up one of the children for school, found the woman on a couch and called police.

“All of the deaths appear to be the result of gunshot wounds,” Cruz said. “This appears to be an isolated incident. There is no current threat to public safety.”

Abington police chief David Majenski called it a “horrific event no one should ever see.”

“Today our family has suffered an unfathomable loss. As we attempt to make sense of the enormity of this event, we respectfully ask that the media respect our family’s wishes to be left alone as we grieve our tremendous losses in private,” the family said in a statement.

Abington Superintendent of Schools Peter Schafer identified the victims as members of the Zaccardi family.

“We are heartbroken to share with you that the Zaccardi family, an Abington family, died unexpectedly (Sunday) night. There are three young students of this family in our district,” Schafer said in a statement. “This was an unexpected event, which deeply saddens all of us.”

EMI Strategic Marketing, whom Deirdre Zaccardi worked for nearly two decades, described her as a “lovely person—a trusted employee and valued friend.”

“Her welcoming smile, constant enthusiasm, sense of humor and talent for organizing just about anything made her indispensable to the company,” the company wrote. “Her deep commitment to her children, and the pride she took in their accomplishments, small and large, were part of many conversations,” the statement said. “We will miss her greatly.”

Counselors were available throughout the district to help students during and after school.

What a horrific tragedy. To lose your life at the hands of your parent has got to be the worst feeling ever.

Perhaps the unemployment status of Joseph Zaccardi is what lead to this shooting. Because what we know so far is that he was unemployed and going crazy. Believe you me, I know what that feels like. But I’m a female and the burden feels insurmountable. When you are the man of the house and you can’t provide financially for your family that’s a huge bruise to your ego.

Yes Joseph was the author of children’s books, but I’m not thinking it was very successful. At least not enough to support a wife and 3 children. Now yes I’m assuming that he is the one who killed his family. Women usually don’t commit these types of crimes. You know what puzzles me is why people still act surprised when someone makes the assumption that it is the man who actually did The Killing. Get over yourself. Men have been notorious for committing these types of crimes. And I’m not saying that women don’t commit these crimes. I’m saying that an unemployed man who is basically living off of his wife’s income is more likely to kill his entire family because he is depressed and he doesn’t feel any type of value. He realizes that he is not contributing financially to the family as he would like to, therefore he would either choose to do one of two things, he would either leave the family and just abandon them altogether, or he’d kill them.

Listen there is a certain type of man who doesn’t mind living off of a woman. I called them fuckboys. They do not mind their wives taking care of them. They do not mind their girlfriends playing the dominant role. They do not mind sitting back and letting the woman do basically everything. I cannot say for sure that that is what was happening here, and if his wife was supporting him financially , we have no proof that he approved of it. Because basically the head line on his Facebook page says he is unemployed and going crazy. Why was he unemployed? I have no idea. I don’t know this family, but I have a whole lot of speculation. Perhaps his dreams of becoming an author got in the way of him being gainfully employed.

Also we have to question whether or not he was a published author where a Publishing Company decided to take him on or whether he was self-published. Being self-published means that money is coming out of your pockets and no publishing company is willing to invest in you because they don’t believe in your work. That’s fine, many authors are self-published. But when you are a self-published author and you are a male and you have no other money coming in, but all you are doing is taking from your family because you have a dream of becoming a published author, that’s stressful and irresponsible. To self publish these books can cost anywhere between $500 on upward to $5,000. I’m looking at some of the clues that I saw on his page, and I can’t help but think the page was scrubbed before he did himself and his family in. I believe we are reading what he wanted us to see. And there is no doubt in my mind that this was money motivated. He did not have any money, and therefore he was not motivated to continue this life.

Police reports that there has been no issues of domestic calls from this family.

The statement that told it all?
Bates Wilder, a coach at Bates Wilder Acting Studio, praised Deirdre Zaccardi and her children on Facebook. “God bless and keep Deirdre Powers Zaccardi and her beautiful children. A beautiful spirit. Always smiling always positive. God please bless,” Wilder wrote.

There is NO MENTION of the husband and father Joseph Zaccardi.

She doesn’t offer prayers or blessings to him and he’s deceased as well.

Joseph Zaccardi was probably jealous of his wife and her success. She has more Facebook friends, she has a life outside of the home, she’s more successful than he is. I’m telling you, you’d be surprised at how many men are actually jealous of their wives. Deirdre Powers Zaccardi had been with the same employer for many many years, and she really did not need her husband. That must have felt like an empowering position for her, yet a degrading position for him. It’s possible he felt emasculated by her success.

I noticed on the morning that their bodies were discovered, that a family member was coming over to pick up one of the children to take him to school. I’m thinking that in all of the years that my children were of school age, no family member ever had to come over and pick them up to take them to school. It was always my husband or I. So why couldn’t Joseph take the children to school? I’m waiting for someone to come on my blog and tell me that Joseph is actually a hard-working man.

In these stories, emotions can run high. I understand that my opinions aren’t popular or even wanted or appreciated. But these things have to be said. There was a motive behind him killing his family and unless he was just some heartless serial killer who goes from family to family killing off everyone like in the movie, The Stepfather, then it’s safe to say that he did this because he was feeling helpless and didn’t have any money. He committed a cowardice act and the children deserved better. But I’m a bad person for saying it.

How many people knew what Joseph was going through? How many people cared enough to reach out to this guy and help him? I’m not making excuses for his actions. What I’m saying is he clearly was struggling financially, and it might have been his own fault. But perhaps people didn’t help. Perhaps Joseph was suffering in silence. You’ve gotta know, that the average man doesn’t want to be taken care of. Joseph probably wasn’t any different.