You know, I like Tyler Perry. He seems like a nice guy and I have noticed he’s very committed and appears to be easy to get along with. People like him so I guess it’s okay. His movies on the other hand, I can’t really say that I watch them basically because they all go back to Jesus. It’s really hard for me to watch a lot of black writers and producers when they are very religious because they don’t really step outside of the box on a lot of things and they feel like they are sinning against their God if they do something that is against the Grain. I can’t recall watching any of the Madea movies, I did watch the one movie he did called A family that Preys. I found that movie to be awfully similar to a plot that I wrote in my self-published novel, so I found that intriguing, but other than that I haven’t really watched any of Tyler Perry’s movies or shows. I am certain they are good, but I just can’t deal with all of their religious stuff.

I’ll take a actress like Halle Berry, that woman has done so much and she does not complain because she stepped outside of the box and will do pretty much anything on camera. That’s where the money is.

Then you have a young lady like Gabrielle Union who will complain about not getting certain roles, but she is not willing to do anything on camera, so that’s why she is limited and doesn’t get the exposure that she thinks she deserves.

You take another black female actress like Taraji Henson and she gets good roles. Because she stepped outside of her comfort zone and does whatever.

Tyler Perry is wealthy and he has all of the money he’ll ever need, and from my understanding his net worth it’s over 500 million, so he is doing just fine in his Arena. So he better stop complaining talking about Hollywood does not accept him, because he has created his own path and he is speaking his own language and people have followed. You can’t please everybody, so you got to please yourself.