A Texas bridegroom robbed a bank the day before his wedding to pay for his fiancee’s ring and the cost of the venue, according to police.

Heath Bumpous, of Crockett, about 120 miles north of Houston, robbed the Citizens State Bank in nearby Groveton on Friday morning, Trinity County Sheriff Woody Wallace said on Facebook Live.

Wallace said Bumpous, 36, who provided a full confession to police and is being charged with robbery, went into the local bank indicating he had a weapon and demanded money.

Bumpous then left with the stolen cash, drove down dirt and forest service roads when he got a call from his fiancee, Wallace said.

The two were supposed to get married Saturday, and his fiancee said she saw the surveillance video stills of her husband-to-be robbing the bank that police had posted on Facebook.

So yeah. This isn’t the guy to marry. And dont you dare romanticize this. He isn’t so desperate to marry her that he would do anything. He is a broke ass fucker with no damn job and no initiative and thinks that Somebody else is supposed to pay for his happiness. So do not come telling me that I just don’t understand love.

Imagine seeing this. You’re his wife to be and you see your mate online in a still survelliance photo. That has got to be up there with the shock of a lifetime. Hopefully she didn’t marry the guy after the fact. This guy is probably never gonna get a job. He will spend his entire life bashing old ladies over the head and stealing purses for a living. They always say, it’s Not how you start that matters, but how it ends. But in this case, how you start is definitely important. And seeing how this ends is not in this womans best interest.