Yeah, so apparently the term junkie is offensive right? I think so too. But let me tell you. If you haven’t had the chance to be around a junkie, you wouldn’t understand why that particular term ain’t bad at all.

The definition of a junkie is

A drug addict

A person with a compulsive habit or obsessive dependency on something.

Obsessive is how I would describe it. And if you’re near a junkie, have one In your family, you’d see it this way too. You can’t keep anything. They take ALL YOU HAVE. They have weird habits. Stay up all hours, they never have money, can’t be responsible for anything or anyone else. And it’s all OUR FAULT. Something society did wrong and they got the short end of the stick.

Well I’ve been doing a lot of blogs lately on addiction and frankly, I HATE THE TOPIC. Why? Because it sucks. Anything that has to do with substance isn’t gonna sit well. And my views on the subject matter don’t help much.

But I digress so let’s go on.

A new enforcement is on the rise and it involves making drug dealers responsible for the death of addicts. Fair or nah?

Well here’s something you might not be aware of… Doctors are finally being held accountable as well.

A Virginia doctor could face life in prison at his sentencing next week for prescribing House a million doses of opioids to Patient over a two-year period. Joel Smithers, 36055 reservation at his Southern Virginia practice in 2017. And may he was found guilty on more than 800 counterfeit legal, including the oxycodone and oxymorphone that killed the West Virginia mom. Smithers mandatory minimum sentence is 20 years. Official said Smithers was part of an interstate drug distribution ring throughout West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee and Virginia.

“I went and got medication without I mean, without any kind of physical exam or bringing medical records, anything like that,” a woman who said she became addicted after getting pills from Smithers testified in court. His office was described in court as lacking medical supplies and having patients who slept outside and urinated in the parking lot.

” People only went there for one reason, and that was just to get pain medication that they could of used themselves or sell it for profit,” Christopher Dziedzic, a supervisory special agent for Drug Enforcement Administration who oversaw the investigation into Smithers, said “he’s done great damage and contributed to the overall problem in the heartland of the opioid crisis”, he added.

Smithers didn’t accept insurance and made more than $700,000 from his patients in 2 years. During his trial, he testified that when he moved to Virginia he was inundated with patients from other states that said their pain Clinic had been shut down. He testified that he reluctantly treated them and said if he wasn’t able to examine them he spoke to them over the phone. He said that he had been deceived by some of his patients.

” I learned several lessons the hard way about trusting people that I should not have trusted”, he testified.

Once, Smithers met a patient in a Starbucks parking lot and for $300 gave her a prescription for fentanyl a pain reliever up to 100 times more potent than morphine, he said. Smithers worked out of the small city of Martinsville, which had the nation’s third highest number of opioid pills per capita between 2006 and 2012. He previously had complaints at his former practice at West Virginia, but when authorities came to his office with the subpoena they found the dumpster filled with shredded documents and untested urine samples. Smithers is scheduled to be sentenced Wednesday.

In the last 20 years, Opioids have killed over 400,000 people.

A sample of how Dr Smithers gave out prescriptions


If you need it THAT BAD and that many, the doctors clearly aren’t dealing with your problem. They are simply medicating you and sending you on your way.

More details….

Eleven Physicians were charged with illegally dispensing opioids through so-called Pill mills and the second coordinated law enforcement Crackdown and the Appalachian area. 12 individuals were charged for their roles in unlawfully distributing opioids and other Controlled Substances, according to the justice department. They were arrested as part of a second crack down by the Appalachian Regional prescription opioid Strike Force, which resulted in charges in three states for the over prescription of controlled substances that total more than 17 million pills.

In a separate case, a family practitioner in Pennsylvania was charged in a 29 count indictment with dispensing opioids in exchange for sex as well as healthcare fraud, according to the US attorney’s office for the Western

District of Pennsylvania.

Emilio Ramon Navarro M.D. 58, of Coal Center, who operated a private family practice in Perryopolis, was indicted by a Federal grand jury in Pittsburgh on charges of unlawfully dispensing controlled substances and healthcare fraud for submitting fraudulent claims to Medicaid to cover the cost of prescriptions. He was arrested Monday after unlawfully Distributing Controlled Substances to a woman in exchange for sex over a one year period. If found guilty he faces up to 30 years in prison and fines of 1.25 million

The stories have been reading like this for a long time and I’ve been putting the stories out there because frankly it’s genocide and folks aren’t being treated fairly. The opioid crisis is like a War on society. And we Are our own worst enemy. Because of our love of medicine and the desire to FEEL GOOD, we accept whatever is given to us. Drugs are coming from all over and we accept them into our communities. But let’s be real. These doctors aren’t prescribing ILLEGAL DRUGS, they are prescribing medication that’s been approved by the FDA. BUT is anybody other than me upset? Are you upset?

The blog prior to this one is about a huge sting that took place in Volusia County Florida, you know it as Daytona Beach/ Deland area.

As you can see, there are White, Black, Latino ALL HERE SELLING DRUGS or trying to buy them. So this isn’t a WHITE OR BLACK THING, it’s an OUR PROBLEM thing. Everyone is guilty of this shit. But these aren’t doctors here. These are poor, miserable, desperate folks who need cash and either have a habit while also dealing, or they are just hustling trying to keep a roof over their heads. Because from my understanding, you can’t just be a dealer of meth, you’ve gotta try it out. Most people who make meth like in their house and aren’t professional like Walter White from Breaking Bad WILL BECOME ADDICTED. So it becomes a cycle of create, sell, use. What a nightmare.

But you can look at these people and tell they are small time. They seized 3 guns, fentanyl, heroin, cocaine, meth and pills. That’s nothing compared to the amount of pills the doctors are guilty of prescribing to unsuspecting patients.

So who is to blame?

Well we forgot to mention the ultimate culprit.


YEP… they caused all of this.

So here is what you might not have heard, or possibly haven’t thought about.


These folks established a company called PURDUE PHARMA. And they made their millions off of the drug OXYCONTIN. This family are descendants of Jewish immigrants. I’m wondering how many of their family members tried their products.

They built their 13 billion dollar Fortune off the controversial prescription drug Oxycontin. Purdue PHARMA has filed for bankruptcy. The chapter 11 filing is part of a tentative settlement agreement in thousands of lawsuits over what accusers say is misleading marketing Oxycontin that’s been partly responsible for the United States opioid crisis. While some members of the family own the pharmaceutical company, others have distanced themselves from the company and condemned the Oxycontin based wealth.

Yeah and I wonder how many of them were distancing themselves from the millions of dollars that they were raking in every month while Americans got addicted and poor they became wealthy.

The Sackler’s of one of the wealthiest families in the United States with an estimated Fortune of 13 billion but they may not be for much longer. The settlement agreement as mentioned above requires the owners of Purdue Pharma, members of the Sackler family, to pay 3 billion dollars of their own fortune cash over the next 7 years. “Purdue Pharma continues to work with all plaintiffs on reaching a comprehensive resolution to it’s opioid litigation that will deliver billions of dollars and vital opioid overdose rescue medicines to communities across the country impacted by the opioid crisis”, the company said in a statement emailed to Business Insider.

In September, in The Midsts of the Court proceedings members of the family closed a deal that earned them about 60 million dollars from the sale of 17 ski resorts in the Northeast and Midwest, Washington Post Christopher Rowland reported. The source of the family’s wealth is oxycontin, the prescription painkiller that many say has fueled the US opioid crisis. Purdue Pharma has faced thousands of lawsuits over what accusers say is misleading marketing of Oxycontin that contributed to the opioid related deaths.

In 2016, Forbes estimated their net worth at a conservative 14 billion dollars beating out famously wealthy family such as the Mellons and the Rockefellers. More recent estimates put the figure at 13 billion. They own Purdue Pharma a pharmaceutical company in Connecticut.

The majority of the riches are all a tribute to the painkiller Oxycontin and by 2001 sales of that particular drug made up about 80% of Purdue Pharmas Revenue.

More than 130 people in the United States die Each day after overdosing on opioids including prescription pain relievers, heroin, and synthetic opioids such as fentanyl, according to the National Institute of drug abuse.

Purdue Pharma which generated three billion dollars a year In annual sales has faced hundreds of lawsuits.

But what have we the public gotten? These settlement agreements are DISGUSTING! THEY ARE ATTEMPTING TO THROW MONEY AT THIS PROBLEM. And I have to admit, no one in my immediate family is struggling with addiction, so I can’t even speak to whether or not a financial settlement would solve their problems. Because how do you throw money at this situation? I’m certain there are family members out there who have lost a loved one to addiction who would not mind getting a large chunk of change to help them out, but ultimately that’s not going to bring their family member back. We’ve been done wrong. And I feel sad for anyone who does not realize what was done to us.

The Sackler’s released this statement.

It is our hope the bankruptcy reorganization process that is now underway will end our ownership of Purdue and ensure its assets are dedicated for the public benefit, we are hopeful that in time, those parties who are not yet supportive will ultimately shift their focus to the critical resources that the settlement provides to people and problems that need them.

Despite the tentative settlement Purdue Pharma continues to deny any wrongdoing. In a statement to Business Insider, the company said

“While Purdue Pharma is prepared to defend itself vigorously in the opioid litigation, the company has made clear that it “sees little good coming from years of wasteful litigation and appeals.” The company declined to comment on any further details of the proposed settlement to Business Insider.

So basically they are saying we created a product, and it is your fault that you got addicted to this product.

None from the SACKLER family has served on the board of Purdue PHARMA since January 2019. …

Yeah… How convenient.


This was created by Paul Janssen in 1960 and approved for medical use in the US in 1968. (But marijuana is still illegal in most states.)

In 2015, 3500 pounds were used in healthcare globally, and as of 2017 fentanyl was the most widely used synthetic opioid in medicine. Fentanyl patches for cancer pain are on the WHO list of essential medicines, which lists the most effective and safe medicines needed in a health system.

In 2016 Fentanyl and analogues were the most common cause of Overdose deaths in the United States at more than 20,000, about half of all opioid related deaths. Most of these overdose deaths were due to illegally made Fentanyl.

You know, I try to be fair and sensible. I try to show compassion and I try to show understanding. And I totally believe that many of these things that our society are experiencing right now with addiction just basically comes to the way we’ve been treated. Our doctors aren’t looking for ways to cure us, they’re looking for ways to give us more time and to make us comfortable until we die. When you go to the doctor and you have pain, instead of them trying to figure out what they can do to get rid of that pain, they give you a medication to take away that pain. But does that solve the problem? Well you might say taking a pain pill actually did get rid of that pain, yeah but it did not get rid of the root problem, because there was a root cause behind you having that pain. And many of us are so accustomed to just getting a prescription to where we don’t put any mandates on our doctors.

What I’ve been working on in my life is instead of having to pop so many pills, to try to look at what I’m doing that’s causing me to have problems. Example: if everytime I eat cheese I get severe stomach cramps, and pain, instead of trying to take a medication where I’ll be allowed to eat the cheese, why not just stop eating the cheese altogether then I won’t have to worry about taking the medication for pain.

And I think we’ve become a society where doctors are getting tired of telling us what we need to do to fix our problems because they know we’re just going to ignore them and do whatever we want to do, so in a sense, we’ve created this problem ourselves. This is a monster that we have created. We have invented a system of patchwork. Because we aren’t willing to actually commit ourselves to Lifestyle Changes, so the majority of our doctors are putting Band-Aids on bullet wounds.

We grew up and we watch our parents drink their problems away, our mothers and our fathers, our aunts and our uncles and Grandparents were alcoholics or Chainsmokers and many of them, that’s how they dealt with their issues. And when you’re growing up with your family and your mother was depressed and you saw her taking pills all the time, or she would drink alcohol to soothe her heart from the disagreement with her husband, or if your father stormed out of the home and came back drunk or high that could be how you react when you’re faced with challenges later in life. And so it is a vicious cycle.

We pay our monthly premiums for health care Faithfully and the moment we begin to experience some type of pain we go to our doctors who we trust are going to have our best interest at heart. And then you walk in there and he or she says, “here, I’m going to give you something to help you deal with the pain but you can still function and go about your daily activities” and you trust that doctor, and then you find yourself becoming addicted to the prescription that your doctor has given you, Who is at fault?

Should the doctor have known, or should we be looking at something or someone deeper? Aren’t these medications put through testing and trial runs before they’re put on the market for us? I’m certain they are, so someone had to know that Oxycontin and many of these other drugs are highly addictive and yet they maliciously approved them.

Well according to the FDA, the benefits must outweigh the risks in order for a drug to be approved by them. And I’m guessing that’s possibly why they put the warning label on the prescriptions to tell you that they are highly addictive and that you need to follow the EXACT directions.




OXYCONTIN exposes users to risks of addiction, abuse and misuse, which can lead to overdose and death. Assess each patient’s risk before prescribing and monitor regularly for development of these behaviors and conditions.

Serious life-threatening or fatal respiratory depression may occur. Monitor closely, especially upon initiation or following a dose increase. Instruct patients to swallow Oxycontin tablets whole to avoid exposure to a potentially fatal dose of Oxycodone. ( Are you fucking kidding me)!?!?

Dosage and Administration

To be prescribed only by Healthcare Providers knowledgeable in use of potent opioids for management of chronic pain

Must swallow tablets intact. Do not cut, break, crush, chew or dissolve tablets. ( Potentially risk of fatal dose)

Must take tablets one at a time with enough water to ensure complete swallowing immediately after placing in mouth

Do not abruptly discontinue Oxycontin in a physically dependent patient

My goodness.

Did you see that? I know me, and if most people are like me, I don’t really read directions very well or I read one thing and thought it said something else, or I start my medication and don’t finish it all. But these rules right here must be followed to the T. Look at how many people out there have high blood pressure but they still eat foods that make their blood pressure worse, how many diabetics out there is still eating sugar and drinking sugary drinks, how many asthmatics and folks with emphysema are still smoking, how many people with liver damage are still drinking?

So at the end of the day who is to blame?