A Gaston County assistant principal is under a 1 million dollar bond Friday night, accused of having sex with a student on multiple occasions, sources told WSOC TV.

LISA ROTHWELL, is an assistant principal at Stuart W. Cramer High School and is facing six felony charges of sexual activity with a student by a school official charges.

Sources said the sex acts happened three times in April and three times in July. Each time, there were two sex acts.

The accusser was a student at the time. ROTHWELL was booked into the Gaston County jail Friday night.

Lisa has over 10 years experience with the Gaston County Schools according to the districts website.

Rothwell is originally from Grand Rapids Michigan and taught exceptional children and English 9 and 10 at North Gaston High school.

She also taught at Springfield and Kiser Elementary schools and Stanley Middle School.

She’s been with Stuart Cramer High school since 2014.

The Odd thing about this story is the fact that they are calling the student the “accuser”. So that implies that someone is bringing a claim against her, but are stating their innocence. So if the accuser was a student at the time and didn’t say anything then, what took place for them to come forth with the ordeal now? WHY NOW? Did they truly feel like a victim after the fact? I’m always puzzled by these stories because when you think about the average victim, its a little girl or boy who can’t defend themselves. Not a teenager who had sex with their principal 6 times. So although, they are considered a victim because the age of consent, they knew what they were doing. Unless they are special needs of some sort, they are fully aware and engaged in the relationship.

So what’s it all about?

There was a story in 2018 of a Florida science teacher who was married. She allegedly had sex with a 14 year old student. Her name was Stephanie Peterson and she sent nude photos and also sold the teenage boy marijuana.

She ended up being charged with two counts of lewd and lascivious battery and one count of transmission of harmful materials to a minor.

After that, a former Texas high school teacher named Alexandria Vera who was impregnated by a 13 year old, but got an abortion and received a 10 year sentence after pleading guilty to having sex on multiple occasions with the teenager.

So there is something in the water. Is it about power and having dominance over someone?

Women who commit sexual offenses different from men in many ways. Female offenders are more likely to offend in the child care contexts, including being a babysitter or teacher. Women are more likely than men to be the parent or guardian of the victim. The victims of female offenders are often younger than those of male offenders, and female offenders are equally likely to offend against female and male victims. In contrast, male offenders overwhelmingly offend against female victims, and more often in marriage or dating relationships.

However, the most striking difference is that female offenders are six times more likely than male offenders to have a co-offender.

What is Co-Offending?

When two or more people participate in the abuse of the same victim, they are co-offenders. Women may be involved by recruiting and coaxing the victims into dangerous situations and helping to provide a sense of safety for the victims. They may coerce or manipulate the victim, or perpetrate sexually abusive behaviors in front of, or at the same time as the male abuser.

Women co-offend for many reasons. Some may abuse victims for reasons similar to male offenders, for example, to gain power, to retaliate against someone or due to sexual deviance. However, many are coerced or forced by the male co-offenders. Many are threatened or physically abused to force participation. Others participate in exchange for money or drugs.

So what’s happening here?