Donations are safe.

I am a “disabled” blogger who would love to work, but for some years now I have suffered with debilitating health issues. At times, doing blogs is challenging and I speak about it in many of my posts. I placed disabled in quotation marks because technically, the state doesn’t consider me disabled because I can walk and talk and feed myself. And they’ve got a point. Which is why I don’t make a big deal about it. I am doing better than a whole lot of other people. But even at that, I am still NOT ABLE to work. So I ask for donations. This is all free content and I spend countless hours on my Youtube channel and here.

Thank you kindly in advance! I am grateful for those who see my efforts on this website where I am celebrating 9 years of blogging!! And my new Youtube channel that is growing consistently. You can find me there at Living With Ericka and it’s also on my home page of this site.