Daily Mail: Joker viewers around the globe WALK OUT of movie theatres.

So you’ve gotta be kidding me.

If you know the plot of THE JOKER, JOKER IS RUTHLESS, HE IS RAW AND HE IS DERANGED. THERE I said it. From my understanding, folks are walking out. Joker is a twisted individual and if you watched The Dark Knight and other films where the character Joker is present, you would already be used to this character by now. Joker, IMO is phenomenal. He is real, and exactly what we see in our world today. He isn’t watered down, he is someone who is Disturbed and takes his message to the streets. He is the guy who has a motive for all that he does and doesn’t consider the fact that you just might not get it.

Some of the comments so far…

I just walked out of Joker, Maybe I was naive in going and did not realize what an origin story would be like. Maybe because I live with someone with mental health, it was just far too dark for me to be able to watch.

Mental illness is a serious TOPIC. Horrible, dark movie. We walked out of it. We don’t recommend it. We already live in a sick society, let’s not add to it please!

Would like to say if anyone is thinking of going to watch the Joker movie, there should be a giant red trigger warning banner while buying tickets or something.

People walked out after the first graphic shooting and there was quite a few after.

So… yeah, there you have it. The movie is sparking too many feelings of fear. And I’m over here like, I can’t wait to go watch it. Now yes I was saying that BEFORE the statements above, but it’s not gonna change my mind. I’ve always like Joker and the more sinister he is, the better. Why? BECAUSE ITS JUST A FUCKING MOVIE. But I am also the girl who is hooked on true crime, I can’t get enough of horror films and during Halloween, I watch Horror all day. Yeah, that’s how I like it. But I’m not a violent person and don’t condone violence. I also don’t want my entertainment censored because someone is an idiot and think that you can do what you see in the movies. Thats just dumb. We will always have our criminally insane, but don’t place the blame on a movie. I understand the frustrations that many people feel because of the violent climate that we see today with Mass shootings and trust me, it hurts me as well.

BUT, we are grown people. if a movie is made, we have a right to view it. Some are talking about we need to ban the movie. What the fuck is that gonna accomplish? They claim that there have been threats of shootings at the theater. But haven’t we already experienced shootings at random places? This movie just released, but the El Paso shooting had nothing to do with that, Somebody had better try to place the blame on someone. But a movie ain’t it. This is a copout. The problem is TOO MANY GUNS AND ASSAULT WEAPONS. BUT it’s easier to blame a stupid movie and an actor instead of holding the government accountable. This movie just came out, so how is it the problem? Let me guess, other movies, JUST LIKE IT. Or maybe that’s why Hitler killed so many. It must have been the video games and the porn and BATMAN.

I’m going to leave a little quote.

Come drink from my cup of destruction.

There are triggers in all movies. Malefecent had me cryiing like a little bitch.

I have a solution for you. How about this. If you don’t want to watch the movie, THEN DONT WATCH THE FUCKING MOVIE. BUT DONT TAKE AWAY MY FREEDOMS to watch what I want.

And I know a fucker gonna say, just because you don’t want to own 12 AR 15s, doesn’t mean I don’t want to. So don’t try to take my rights away. To you I’d say, bite me. You don’t need assault weapons.