Celebrity Insider: Tiny Harris Praises Tamar Braxton’s Amazing Physique In Video Where She Is Frolicking On The Beach ….

Though I love Tamar till the ends of the Earth, I don’t think she should get married. I’ve got a bad feeling about it. I wrote a very very very long blog about Tamar a while back and basically a lot of what I said was true concerning her and her ex-husband Vince, because duh I have a gift and I see things. With this guy I think she should wait. There are still some questions that she needs to ask that have not been addressed yet and I think she needs to wait and get her confidence in him and their relationship 100% before she takes that plunge.

There is something specific about this guy that I do not like and I don’t think Tamar will take very kindly to it either. He seems like a decent guy and I know they have great compatibility with each other but his relationship with his mother bothers me and that is not a place where I want to see Tamar.

After everything Tamar has gone through she needs to make sure that she marries a man who puts her 100% first and that he has nobody else before her. She needs to make sure she marries a man who will cater to her and understand her insecurities and not see them as flaws.

Perhaps this guy could be the one, but I think she needs to give it another year or two to truly get to know him. Many times we get married to someone we think we know them, but that’s because all of the possible Circumstances had not Arisen while you guys were dating and now that you’re married circumstances can change and people’s attitudes and behaviors can change.

If she were to marry this guy right now I give their marriage a 40% chance of survival. And the marriage would be ending in less than 2 years.

I think she was stuck with that fat piece of shit ex husband Vince for so long that a man with a nice body and a decent looking face seems like she hit the jackpot. But Everything That Glitters Is Not Gold. He could be a good man, just not the right man for her.