Shame on this couple for what they did to their son. And why did the state keep placing him back with these 2 KNOWING THEY WERE ABUSING HIM?

#ursula Juarez

Authorities have arrested the parents of a four-year-old California boy whose recent death has been described by investigators as suspicious. According to a statement from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department both Jose Cuatro who is 27 and Ursula Juarez 25, of Palmdale were taken into custody Thursday morning, on suspicion of murdering their son Noah Cuatro. The arrest comes days after medical examiner’s determine Noah’s death was a homicide. This investigation was initiated after Palmdale station deputies received the call for service on July 5th, 2019 that a four-year-old boy who was the victim Noah cuatro was transported to Palmdale Regional Medical Center following a possible drowning the statement read. According to the parents the child was discovered Motionless in the community pool in Palmdale. The statement at the hospital medical staff observed evidence of injuries to Noah’s potty. They were suspicious and nature and consistent with possible abuse. Noah died at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles on July 6th. The statement notes that the investigation is ongoing, making no mention of a possible motive. Noah had been in the care of his great-grandmother before being returned to his parents last year. According to the Los Angeles Times, Noah was placed in foster care in 2014 before being turned over to his great-grandmother. And 2015, he was returned to his parents who lost him again in 2016. The court returned Noah to his parents in 2018. But in May the times reported that the Department of Children and Families Services launched a probe into a tip suggesting that Noah had been sexually abused.