NBC News: Amber Guyger sentenced to 10 years for murdering neighbor Botham Jean.

Do….you think that’s enough? The family was very frustrating to watch because they are so religious and forgiving. The brother of the victim practically BEGGED TO HUG HER, AND I’m like, nigga no. Lol don’t be hugging that racist bitch. She’s trying to get a lighter sentence. But y’all know me. I’m still holding onto shit from 1992.

And from my understanding, the judge hugged her too? Lol wtf man? This is why I hate EVERYBODY. YOU are supposed to stay neutral. The judge really just…ugh. I can’t deal with it. Everyone happy that God is good and that Jesus is working through that family and I’m over here yelling, FUCK THAT BITCH.

CAUSE like for real. Why do black people feel like they need to be forgiving all the time? Every time since I’ve been doing blogs I’ll see a story on a black person who’s been violated and treated horribly and I want to stand up and fight and be an advocate just like in the case with Trayvon Martin, but the parents of Trayvon Martin got on TV and started praying and I just lost it. Why the hell would I spend my time blogging and telling your story and protesting and trying to be an advocate for you when you’re just going to turn around and throw Jesus at it and forgive people for mistreating you? I am not going to waste my time and resources on people like that.

Just think about it this way, if you aren’t mad, if you aren’t upset, if you aren’t outraged at the Injustice going on with your own people, why should white people care? I just honestly don’t have time for it. Because frankly I am so sick and tired of the victim mentality in the black community. Black people are so notorious for this. And it’s the religion that keeps them in bondage and I am so sick of it. We have to begin to call a spade a spade, and when people are disrespectful and hateful and evil toward you you have to take a stand. I write blogs all the time and I get very few people who actually come to my defense even though I’m being insulted verbally, threatened, they just sit back and watch while I get attacked.

And I know there are black people who read a lot of my blogs and when white people come on and insult me, threaten me etc… they never stand up and say anything to my defense. Because they are so forgiving. And these are the exact same people who will know that you’ve been victimized, you’ve been raped, you’ve been sexually assaulted, you’ve been robbed, their children get molested, all types of things happen to them and they just basically turn the other cheek. I honestly do not want those type of people around me. Because I am a fighter, I am a warrior, I am an advocate for those people who don’t have a voice, but pretty much all the black people who I know they are not built the same way. And I can’t march by myself.

That is literally why I do not join any causes where black people are the victim because at the end of the day they’re going to go to church, they’re going to shout it away, they’re going to pray it away, they’re going to fast it away, and history will continue to repeat itself.

Let me tell you this black people, just because you have nice cars, fancy houses and bank accounts does not mean that you have arrived. The battle is not over yet. BUT you guys are so excited that you’re being accepted amongst them that you forgotten that you still have a fight on your hands. You think because you have a college education that you have arrived? You think because you can eat in any restaurant and shop at any store that you want to without being arrested that you have arrived? We are getting closer, but we are not there yet, so you need to put your cigar down.