MovieWeb: Eddie Murphy Confirms Beverly Hills Cop 4 Is His Next Movie.

The last Beverly hills Cop movie wasn’t the best and it would be great to see Eddie Murphy come back with a vengeance, so hopefully he has great writers who keep the original! If he fucks up in any kind of way during this comeback, that’ll be a negative attached to his pristine career. Most celebrities all have that one movie that they are not proud of and I’m certain that Eddie has two. Best Defense and Beverly Hills Cop part 3. Of course Best Defense wasn’t actually a starring role for him. I’m wishing him the best because he’s still got a lot of creativity in him. What I wish he hadn’t done is apologize for what he said back then. He is calling a lot of his old stand up comedy IGNORANT. BUT I’ll say this. He won’t go down in history like the disgraced BILL COSBY. So even if his Comeback has some awkward points, and his ideas are met with skeptical eyes, he’s still a great guy who really loved to make us laugh.

BTW… Do you think my hubby looks like Eddie Murphy?

He gets that all the time. I think he does.