So that’s something that I wasn’t aware of. Chris Tucker was shaken down by these folks as well. They were clearly looking for a Payday and they knew Michael Jackson had a heart of gold and wouldn’t say NO.

Apparently, according to the article above, Michael’s accusations didn’t start until after they realized they couldn’t get any more money from Chris Tucker. And frankly Jay Leno had not given any cash to these people. One of the accusers was allegedly suffering from cancer and had met Chris at one of his shows. The father told him how much his dying ailing son loved Chris and that’s how the ball got rolling. Eventually, they were introduced to Jay Leno and then Since Michael and Tucker were friends, they ended up meeting Michael.

Chris Tucker is said to have warned Michael Jackson about this family. Click to read the story.

Chris Tucker heading to testify on behalf of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was such an innocent guy. I used to be that way back in the day, but the truth is, PEOPLE ARE EVIL. YOU think you’d just be baysitting but they have a motive the entire time. I never let anyone get close to my family and you should be careful too. Parents will have their children lie, ESPECIALLY if there’s money to be made and someone as naive as Michael Jackson was, they took advantage of his generous kind nature.

Compassionate understanding people have the most difficult time. Because there is always someone out there willing to exploit your generosity. And that’s why in the last few years I just basically shut everyone off because of the fact that you really can’t trust anyone. And if you give someone something you have to give them because you just want to give it to them but you can’t have any kind of motivation or agenda behind it. And you can’t worry about what their motivation and their agenda is. Basically you have to donate and you have to give but with a long-handled spoon.

Michael Jackson was the type of person that wanted to get up-close-and-personal with people, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But when you don’t realize that there is danger out there and letting children come to your home, and letting children spend the night and you being so close to Children there’s always room for judgment. And that gives the perfect opportunity for people who are greedy to move in like vultures and try to take whatever they can from you. I don’t believe that Michael Jackson did anything to any of these children. And at the same time I’ll say that Michael Jackson was guilty of one thing, trusting the wrong people.