CBS News: Amber Guyger sentencing: Jurors can weigh “sudden passion” defense that could lessen sentence.

So this story hasn’t gotten my attention much because I’m not in the mood for it. Its too emotional. And I’ve got too much stress already. But I’m happy to hear the final result is GUILTY OF MURDER. CLEARLY THIS LADY IS AND WAS RACIST. AND then to find out that they tried to introduce the Castle Doctrine law to the jury is hilarious. Luckily the jury delivered a GUILTY verdict.

When I first heard the murder conviction I was surprised but then I decided to look up the definition of Murder. And it’s the Premeditated commiting of a crime. So then I was like how was this Premeditated? She accidentally thought it was her home. But then I read that she went into the home LOOKING TO CONFRONT the intruder. And that she didn’t administer any CPR Even though she realized that it wasn’t her apartment after she’d shot him. Also text messages have been revealed that PROVED THAT she didn’t like blacks at all. And imagine that, another white police officer who hates blacks. Go figure. This woman literally SHOT TO KILL. She claims that she was in fear for her life, but she didn’t have to enter the apartment. She had ample opportunity to walk away, to escape, to call for back up.

With Castle Doctrine there is no duty to retreat. However, this was not her apartment.