Below is her statement. I’m shocked at her courage to come forth and tell a portion of her story. We can’t begin understand what she went through all that time. The fear she had within her that this animal, Yulian Gonzalez instilled. Her very freedoms were challenged and Yulian Gonzalez not only raped her physically, he assaulted her life. He threatened to kill her by telling her that he’d make her disappear. This woman was completely and utterly powerless. He controlled every aspect of her existence.

He felt a level of arrogance that she would never know Because he held all the cards. He was the probation officer and she was in his care.

He was supposed to evaluate her to determine the best course of rehabilitation for her. He was supposed to whatever he could to make sure she REMAINED OUT OF JAIL and not commit any other crimes while out on probation. He was supposed to provide resources to her such as job training. He was also responsible for checking in with her friends and family and any acquaintances of hers to make sure she was progressing and moving FORWARD and following the restrictions in place.

But what is one to do when they are deemed the one who needs monitoring, but your probation officer is committing crimes against you but he was appointed to watch over you?

Read her words here. 👇👇👇👇

I’m hurt for her because of the fact that she feels that she’s not being represented fully. She admits that she’s not perfect and that she’s made mistakes. But there is nothing about this story or what happened to her in any sort of relation to her past. She is a victim we need to respect her pain as we would any one else. There are many people who commit crimes, but those crimes don’t hurt anyone but themselves. Yulian Gonzalez is a predator. He’s a disgrace to society. He hurt someone who couldn’t defend herself and we’ve gotta question whether he’s done this before.