The purpose of this story is to INFORM THE PUBLIC of what happens when you leave an innocent child in the hands of an addicted parent.


ONCE you CHOOSE to take the first hit, you surrender yourself to the bullshit. YOUR initial fucked up DECISION TO TRY HARD CORE DRUGS makes it the dumbest decision you could ever make. And from THAT point on, you are a slave. How about doing what blacks were told to do during the crack epidemic. JUST SAY NO.

So Patrick Savoy O’Neill And his toddler are both dead because daddy had a heroin addiction.

And let Me tell you. These people are something interesting. They literally have come on to my YouTube channel threatening that I better take the video down.

They’ve insisted on calling me every name they can think of simply because I don’t give two fucks about ANOTHER JUNKIE child killer.

They claim that my blog isn’t accurate but it LITERALLY IS. THEY CLEARLY ARE UPSET BECAUSE I’M A BLACK WOMAN setting their doped up asses straight.

Why do they think its ok for a little BABY to die of heroin or #fentanyl ingestion? These morons have completely lost their rabid minds. They probably want to create a Gofundme to create more drug money. Many of these folks actually don’t care about their children at all. They use their kids to support their disgusting habits. Many of them claim their kids are autistic or they suffer from ADHD. BASICALLY anything that’ll get them a disability check so that they don’t have to work.

This poor child had his life STOLEN FROM HIM because dad couldn’t kick the habit and destroyed his innocent sons life. And the mother and everybody else who was around FAILED THIS CHILD. If you are a grandparent, mother, father, uncle, sister, brother and you see an addicted parent, instead of trying to save face and not create tension, why don’t you CORRECT THE BAD BEHAVIOR AND REMOVE THE KID? PROTECTING your drug addicted family member isn’t helping anyone.

These fucked up people want to romanticize this story to gain sympathy AND DONATIONS and they are hiding behind Jesus and God but deep inside they are greedy, shady, ruthless thugs. This guy Patrick Savoy Oneill wasn’t a pillar of the community. And I don’t care how much people CLAIMED he was sober. He wasn’t sober. He lived and died as a junkie. If he were sober, little Liam would be alive.

Patrick Savoy Oneill was going to be charged with MURDER had he survived and now that he’s dead, nobody will be held accountable for that child’s life.

The story below …

After the death of a Santa Rosa man who police had said could be charged in the death of his 13-month-old son, investigators are focused on learning who supplied drugs that family and friends worry may have killed Patrick O’Neill and his son, Liam.

While police said they will need to wait several weeks before toxicology and autopsy results pinpoint the cause of the two deaths, Patrick O’Neill’s father, Demian O’Neill, said his son died of liver failure that appears to have been caused by a fentanyl overdose. Doctors found the powerful drug in his system, and his son had struggled with addiction, Demian O’Neill said.

Police were alerted about Patrick O’Neill and his son, Liam Richard Savoy-O’Neill, Saturday afternoon, when they received a call from the boy’s mother. She had left work during her lunch break to check on them at the west Santa Rosa home where O’Neill lived, Santa Rosa Police Lt. Dan Marcinik said.

Both father and child were unresponsive when the mother, who did not live at the home, found them inside Patrick O’Neill’s bedroom.

Narcotics and drug paraphernalia were found beside O’Neill, police said.

First responders’ efforts to revive Liam, who was not breathing, were not successful and he was pronounced dead at the home.

On Saturday night, police said they had arrested Patrick O’Neill, who was at a local hospital, on suspicion of murder in connection with his son’s death, but O’Neill would die Monday night after his father and mother removed him from life support.

At the time of Patrick O’Neill’s death, he had suffered multiple heart attacks and his kidneys had started to shut down, his father said.

Following Patrick O’Neill’s death, police are investigating who supplied O’Neill with the drugs found at the home and confirming whether they were responsible for his or his son’s death, Marincik said.

No one had been arrested in connection with the drugs as of Thursday afternoon, though investigators were actively pursuing leads, Marincik said.

“Once we determine everything, we’d have to work with prosecuting agencies to decide what they want to do with it,” Marincik said.

An autopsy for Patrick O’Neill, 29, was completed Wednesday and the boy’s was done on Monday, though definitive conclusions won’t be made for several weeks, Marincik said.

Toxicology tests to determine what chemical substances were in their systems, if any, and lab results for the narcotics found in the room will also take time, he added.

“We suspect that drug use ultimately caused the death of the child and Mr. O’Neill, but we can’t necessarily confirm that until we get the toxicology results back,” Marincik said.

Evidence collected so far suggests O’Neill and his son were alone in the room before each was exposed to the drugs, Marincik said. O’Neill rented a room in the home from a woman, and at least one other roommate lived there, he said.

“We have not found any witnesses or any reason to believe there was anyone else inside the room,” Marincik said.

Close friend Michael Arevalo said Patrick O’Neill had a “history of using.” The two had been friends since 2010 and used to do drugs together. Arevalo said O’Neill had been trying to get clean in recent months for his son.

“He had his son, which was kind of like an inspiration for me to have kids because I saw how it was changing his life for the better,” Arevalo said. “But he’s been struggling with addiction for a while.”

Arevalo, who moved to Woodland, Washington, a few weeks ago, was at the beach with his family Saturday when he got a call from a mutual friend saying Liam had died. A little while later, Arevalo said he learned that O’Neill had overdosed.

He said that many of O’Neill’s friends and family did not know he had started using again. O’Neill had just moved to the home on Darek Drive where he was found unresponsive, after living in a sober housing environment for three months, Arevalo said.

He said he did not believe O’Neill would ever intentionally harm Liam, adding that he hopes the tragedy raises awareness about the dangers of fentanyl. Demian O’Neill said he hoped nobody else will have to experience the grief of losing a loved one to fentanyl. He also said that for many people, like his son, addiction is “not a choice.”

“I understand that it might be reckless around a child, but we need to consider how strong the affliction of addiction is,” Demian O’Neill said. “(Patrick) loved that little man more than anything.”

My thoughts…

Regardless of how addictive it is, parents are responsible to keep their children safe. EVERYBODY KNOWS THE DANGERS OF OPIOIDS. THEY KNOW THE DANGERS OF FENTANYL. EVERYBODY HAS BEEN WARNED AGAINST it for years. I’ve been blogging about it. We’ve all watched people dying on the streets. We’ve all been told about Narcan. I’m certain that Patrick got the memo. We ALL DID.

And then. The grandfather of the year comes on my YouTube channel spewing hateful racism.

His, name is Demian Savoy Oneill.

That piece of racist garbage called me a silver back gorilla AND MENTIONED that somebody should GET A ROPE, but that meth head isn’t upset about his grandchild. It shows you what kind of criminal minds this child was around. Like FATHER like son. No wonder Patrick was fucked up. Look at the trailer trash who raised him. Let’s see. Maybe its time I do a back ground check on Demian Oneill. Lets see what this pile of shit has done with his life. If I find anything good, I’ll be posting.

THIS photo below is Demian Savoy Oneill telling his followers to come and get me and that he’ll DEAL WITH ME LATER.

But these people remain ANONYMOUS ON YOUTUBE but they won’t remain anonymous here. Here are their Facebook profiles. They look all innocent but on my YouTube channel they are racist. On Facebook they are religious folks though. Constantly throwing out GOD BLESS YOU, trying to get money, but on my YouTube channel they called me all types of shit. All that nasty coming out of an alleged Christians mouth. These filthy folks throw God out when it’s convenient. Patrick’s dad is racist. And birds of a feather flock together.

Demian Savoy Oneill acts like he’s all that but… check out this article below. Yeah that’s him.

Detectives were investigating two separate burglaries from a storage facility on Business Park in Rohnert Park that occurred earlier in the year. Both victims gave detailed descriptions of the stolen items. Surveillance footage provided detectives with possible leads to follow up.

Through the course of the investigation detectives identified Damian O’Neill was involved in the thefts.

On May 1 at 7 a.m. detectives served an authorized search warrant at O’Neill’s residence and a warehouse in Santa Rosa. During the search, detectives found a lot of the stolen property from the two original thefts plus property from other thefts around the county. Detectives also found hand guns, parts to AR-15 rifles, ammunition and a nearly completed AR-15 rifle with a silencer attached. Detectives found more weapons and ammunition at the warehouse in Santa Rosa.

O’Neill was arrested and booked for the following charges: Burglary, possession of stolen property, Felony possession of ammunition, Felony possession of a firearm and conspiracy to commit a crime.

Also, let’s look at more details. So I’m lying about him being racist?

WOW!! You know, when I do these stories, I don’t know the family. I don’t know all the details, I’m just blogging and giving an opinion. But then people start with the threats and I’m like, WTF?


And it’s confirmed. These PEOPLE don’t need kids around. If your children see your racist posts what do you think that’ll teach them? And imagine having these 3 in YOUR CHILD’S SCHOOL. LOOK AT THEIR FACES. WHO ARE THESE CHILDREN ANGRY AT? HOW DISGUSTING to spread hate.

THIS is why we have shootings in school. Hatred, racism, stereotypes, and plain old ignorance.

That baby Liam is definitely better off because frankly I can’t imagine anything good from ANYBODY IN THE WHOLE DAMN FAMILY. THEY would have taught him hate and corrupted that innocent little boy.