So yeah

A Mom from Daytona Beach is upset that her fifteen-year-old son is being arrested and charged with a felony. Basically he made a terroristic threat online stating that he will go to his school in Daytona Beach called Seabreeze high school and he would kill a minimum of seven people. She continues to yell throughout the video that her son is just a little boy. But her son used an alias to make these threats during an online session video game. And the cops are basically explaining to her that because your son is a minor that is why he will be charged as a juvenile but he is facing felony charges. So what do you think?

As a parent it is not our responsibility to uphold our child when they are wrong. When your child is wrong you need to teach your child to accept responsibility for their actions and correct bad behavior. Continuously yelling that your child is a good kid regardless of the evidence that you have in front of your face that your kid made threats to kill innocent people it’s hardly what I would call being a good parent.

Florida statutes state that it’s against the law to make written terror threats. Her son will be another example of WHAT NOT TO DO.

FLORIDA STATUTE 836.10. READ IT. THAT’S A HARSH law especially for a stupid joke. We’ve got to start punishing people for this stuff. In this climate especially.