Ok so let’s talk about LIL DUVAL.

He’s 5’2.

Let me say it again. He is Five foot 2. I’m 5’9. What the fuck ima do with that shit? Listen, Lil Duval don’t like afros because his lil ass can’t be seen from behind one. It makes him feel smaller. I bet he doesn’t like high heels either. I guarantee you he has a tiny penis.

Wait where did THAT COME FROM? BUT you know it’s true. Guys like him think they have a right to voice their opinion about women but in reality he’s lucky that there’s at least one ride that he can get on at Universal Studios and he needs a chaperone to get on rides at Disney. Old boy needs to stop playing. His days for being picky and particular about women are over.

The comedienne SOMMORE said it best. There are niggas who need to lower their voice when they talk to you and Lil Duval is one of those men. He ain’t half a man yet and don’t need to be inserting himself in positions where FULL MEN are REQUIRED.

Yeah That’s right. I wear an afro sometimes and if any body don’t like it, Suck my KISS!

Sorry Lil Duval

You are NOT ELIGIBLE to discriminate.

By the way. I look forward to seeing Lil Duval in the next Part of Leprechaun The movie.