Ok they were in a pool that didn’t belong to them, at a home that neither of them was a resident. They both drowned accidentally. They both have the same last name however they aren’t related.

Ummm what?!?

Mind you, this is 2 MEN.

An Iowa community has been left heartbroken after two men who taught in their school district recently died in an accidental drowning.

Since the tragic incident earlier this week, the Davenport Police Department has identified the two victims as Mark Anderson of Eldridge, Iowa and Kenneth Anderson of Bellevue, Iowa, according to a post on their Facebook page.

A preliminary investigation by authorities indicated that both men died in an accidental drowning, but officials are now continuing to look into the tragedy further.

Police said they were called to the scene on Monday night after someone discovered the two deceased men in the backyard swimming pool.
On Monday, July 22nd, 2019 at approximately 8:53 pm Davenport Police Officers were dispatched to the 1100 block of Jersey Ridge Road reference someone finding two deceased adult males in a pool,” officers wrote that evening.

The following day, authorities revealed that Mark, 60, and Kenneth, 57, were the two victims involved in the incident and confirmed their cause of death. They also explained that the men were not related, despite sharing the same last name.

According to the Scott County Auditor’s Office, neither men were residents of the home where they were found dead.

Online documents from the office show that the home currently belongs to John K. Wisor, the owner of the 11th Street Precinct Bar & Grill in the village of East Davenport.

Reps at the 11th Street Precinct Bar & Grill did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Ummm huh? Imma have to find out more about this story. Accidental drowning?

Speculations? Drugs? That’s all I got. Anything that I’m going to say will get me cursed out by all who love these guys.

So I’ll just go on a limb And say.


Were they lovers? Did the cops find any sex toys? Were they tied up and gagged by the owner of the restaurant and they were supposed to escape BEFORE he got off that night but they got tangled up in ropes and chains and drowned trying to get free?

This is why I get cussed out and called names. This is why nobody likes me. 😂😂😌This is why I can’t be taken seriously. It’s after 12 midnight and I’m up blogging and coming up with the dumbest shit ever.

These men are loved and respected and I’m being an idiot!!!

O.k. so after doing more reading. It turns out that these two were house sitting for the owner who happened to be in Dominican Republic on vacation.

Claims are that the 2 men were at a function together and that they left that gathering to go check on the house they were supposed to be house sitting and decided to take a swim. Well apparently there was another guy at the function and he decided to go check on the men and that’s when he found the bodies.

Apparently these two men love to be in water. Which destroys my theory that they couldn’t swim. The more answers I get, the more confused I become.