So 3 of the children belonging to Julia Tomlin have been in the custody of a relative. It’s unfortunate they couldn’t take them all.

The Hampton Police Division named the Jones family as the next of kin for Noah Tomlin on Wednesday on its social media accounts.

Police confirmed with DNA analysis Saturday the human remains found at the NASA/Hampton Steam Plant on July 3 belonged to 2-year-old Noah Tomlin. 😢😢😢

A Facebook post Wednesday from the police division said it would share all official updates, events and memorial services at the family’s request.

A walk scheduled for Saturday has been postponed, and there is a public memorial service tentatively scheduled for July 27, the post said.

Noah Tomlin’s mother, 34-year-old Julia Tomlin, is being held at the Hampton Roads Regional Jail. Police said June 29 that she had been charged with three felony counts of child neglect from offenses on June 22 — two days before Noah was reported missing, according to court documents.

Cindy and Vince Jones in Newport News have legal custody of three of Julia Tomlin’s oldest children.

Cindy Jones addressed the public for the first time July 5 in a Facebook post. She said at the time that the family had decided to stay quiet for the sake of Noah’s siblings.

“It was our true belief and hope beyond hope that Noah would be returned home safely,” her post read.

Vince and Cindy Jones also spoke to reporters Monday at the site of a memorial tree for Noah after it caught fire, saying that the ordeal has been overwhelming for the family.