Well ok.

I followed the Nicole MITCHELL from the moments she became Nicole Murphy. Eddie said he’d marry her without a prenuptial agreement And I was like, OH NO BABY, WHAT IS YOU DOING? NO EDDIE NO. BUT he decided to marry it anyway and they lived happily ever after. Nah, they divorced.

Look I don’t know about you but I picked up on Nicole years ago. Gold digging indeed. That woman has spent her ENTIRE LIFE looking for an upgrade. Her Wikipedia says she was an international model. But I never heard of her until Eddie Murphy brought her on Oprah. You can tell the success of a person by what they do AFTER they break up with their come up. After she got dumped by Eddie her next gig? REALITY TV. Michael Strahan tapped that but got out of Dodge real quick because he probably saw right through that.

She’s cute. Yes she’s aight. But she’s 51 AND A GRAND MA. FUCKING around with other people’s husband’s ain’t the move.

From blogger Love B. Scott who reached out to Mitchell because yes I’m calling her ass MITCHELL because Eddie through with that, lol. Listen Tina Turner kept her name after divorcing Ike because EVERYBODY KNEW HER AS TINA TURNER. But umm if Nicole Mitchell Was so popular before Eddie, Why come she didn’t go back to that? 😂😂😁 yes I realize I said WHY COME? IT’S my blog and I’ll be ghetto if I want. But it’s true. She wasn’t all that before Eddie Murphy. So why act like you are? It’s ok to tell the world that you were raised by a single mom because your dad left when you were a kid. Why brag about being famous and an INTERNATIONAL MODEL? I know Tyra Banks and Iman? I don’t know no Nicole. It’s ok to not have shit growing up. That’s not a reflection on you.

So back to the story.

I heard of the French kiss where you kiss each other on both cheeks. But mouth to mouth? That must be a new thing.

Listen if it was innocent, we will all find out soon enough. But knowing Nicole, ain’t no telling what she’s willing to do to get a wealthy man in her Boudoir once more. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting a successful mate. But if THE WALLET size is your primary interest, that makes you a gold digging ho. AND when you messing around with somebody else man that makes you a nasty OLD ho.

Now let me add, HER BODY IS BANGING. Cause I try to be fair. 51 with THAT BODY is amazing and I can totally see why men would want to tap that. But nah CHEATING ain’t cool.

Lela Rochon is a beautiful lady. And she doesn’t deserve this. But what do we know? We know that Nicole Is cleaning up her social media accounts and getting rid of any negative comments. A picture is worth a thousand words. Just because a man is willing to fuck you doesn’t mean he wants to marry you. Michael got engaged to her but changed his mind. That poor guy had already gone through it with his ex wife taking MILLIONS OF DOLLARS from him after their divorce. Nobody wants a greedy bitch beside them acting all entitled. Nicole needs to realize. The promise of marriage is all it takes to get it from her and these men KNOW that. If I were a man interested in having sex with her, I’d entertain that notion and tell her EXACTLY what she wanted to hear.

As far as the director Antoine Fuqua, he better speak up real soon. If he’s separated from his wife, THAT’S something the public would want to know. Because character is everything these days. It’s embarrassing to see a man carry on like this when he has a wife at home. They need to set the record straight and tell the truth.