Damn his wife isn’t allowed to get up throughout the night? She’s not allowed to go to the bathroom? Grab water, check on the children? I’m NOT buying it. WHY? I don’t understand why she had to die today instead of ALL THE OTHER TIMES SHE COULD HAVE DIED.

WHAT made this day special? I’m stirrer and I’m up all times of night. If I was to be mistaken for an intruder that would have happened YEARS AGO. My hubby is paranoid and used to wake up punching at shit all the time. I’m aware of this so I let him know IT’S ME if I should wake him up.

Why didn’t he call out to her? The same way you do in the movies. You wake up because you heard a noise. You look beside you. Your partner isn’t there. How much time did it take for him to NOT REALIZE that his wife wasn’t beside him? Did he EVEN check? I call BULLSHIT! ABSOLUTE #BULLSHIT.

A married man FIRST checks his wife beside him, he then checks the children if there are any.

STORY below

Michigan authorities are investigating a shooting early Friday morning that left a young mother dead after police said her husband mistook her for an intruder and fatally shot her.

It happened in Ypsilanti Township, about 40 miles west of Detroit, around 2:30 a.m. with the couple’s two young children in the home at the time, according to news reports.

Investigators told WXYZ-TV that the homeowners were on edge after an attempted home invasion earlier in the day.

“So, he’s a little bit on edge, goes to sleep, thinks his wife is next to him. When he wakes up again, sees what he thinks is someone who is in his home, grabs his weapon and pulls the trigger,” Derrick Jackson, with the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office, told the news station.

Jackson said a 4-year-old child in the home first talked to 911, telling the operator their mother couldn’t breathe, and then the husband told authorities he shot his wife in the chest. The 31-year-old woman died from the gunshot wound, WXYZ reported.

The husband was initially arrested but was released Friday afternoon.

Investigators said they believe the shooting was a tragic accident and no charges have been filed in the case.

Alright, what I don’t like? He let the little kid talk to officers first. I’m going to guess its because he was busily checking on his dying wife. I’m a skeptic. And if it makes sense, I’ll leave it alone. This doesn’t add up. What would a logical person do in this situation?

What would a couple do? If you think there’s potential for an intruder, Wouldn’t everybody be on edge? Wouldn’t the wife be just as concerned for the safety of her family as the husband would? I know I would. Somebody tried to break into our house years ago. My hubby was alert and so was I. We hardly slept that night because we thought they’d strike again. Maybe I’m wrong. But time will tell.

I can’t imagine just waking up and grabbing a gun and firing a shot. He was disoriented and it could have been his child walking around.