As an adult with children, children that actually happen to be black, I really don’t have a problem with this video at all. Yeah it may be destructive, yeah they may have torn some things up but I think they had a reason for carrying on like this. So I’m actually going to excuse these black kids. And even if I knew any of these children in the video, I would never tell anybody anything. I frankly don’t feel like these kids did anything wrong. I think the fact that this was done on the 4th of July, probably tells you what black children in America are actually thinking about this country. So I think they actually did something on that day that actually made them feel free. And you really can’t get upset with that.

The video states that someone was injured. Well they got hit with a water bottle. They could have gotten shot. I think the time has come that black people in general need to stop trying to fit into the mold and stop trying to cater to what white people expect of us. I think many white people feel like they should Define who we are as black people. AND somebody literally needs to tell them that they don’t create the definition of what black is. We create the definition of what black is and if you don’t like that definition then close the dictionary, because we write the rules on what that’s going to be every day. And we don’t ask permission to be Who We Are, we are just black and we are just proud.

For anybody reading this blog who happens to be white, and does not agree with what I am saying, I advise you to leave the stolen land that the Native Americans inherited before white people came in and took over and actually go back to Europe where you’re from. Don’t tell us to go back to Africa, you take your ass back to Europe. 😂😂😄

These beautiful black children actually made me proud. They showed society that they are not mindless robots, and that they literally don’t care what anybody is thinking about them. I say Bravo!

I read a comment from some smart ass white person earlier today, stating that if these black people had gotten shot then there would be a whole bunch of protest and everybody screaming police brutality. But let me go ahead and give a rebuttal on that, why would you shoot a child for stealing a backpack, notebook paper, a bag of chips, markers, water? Because THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT THEY TOOK. So if the police in this country think that it’s a good idea to draw their guns on a bunch of teenagers who are stealing school supplies and water, that tells you exactly what they still think of us today. Anybody knows that in this country the police were created to patrol black neighborhoods and keep us under control, and they were designed to protect the white neighborhoods and keep them safe. So if you came on my blog thinking you were going to read me attacking these kids, you have gotten me all fucked up.

I have absolutely no shame, or embarrassment whatsoever for those teenagers. I don’t feel any less about Who We Are, and I still believe that every last one of those children can do something magnificent with their lives. I don’t see them as criminals or thugs, I see them as rebellious. And that’s okay especially if you’re in a situation where you feel like you are outnumbered, where you feel like you aren’t being listened to, where you feel like you aren’t being respected. I can understand these teenagers feeling the need to lash out.