The law only specifically addresses a person typing into an electronic device,” Florida Highway Patrol Lt. Kim Montes said. “Holding the phone, talking on the phone, using it as a GPS (device) — that is still legal come Monday.”

The ban does not apply to a driver whose vehicle is stationary, such as being stopped at a red light.

Montes said law enforcement officers will not ask to see drivers’ phones unless they are involved in a crash in which someone is seriously injured or killed, but a warrant must first be obtained.

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“If I stop you, I cannot ask you for your phone,” she said. “Law enforcement cannot ask you for your cellphone to see what you were doing.”

FHP said it will issue warnings until New Year’s Day, but the sheriffs of Orange and Volusia counties said their deputies will begin ticketing drivers Monday.

“We have had several crashes in this area the last couple of years (in which) the deceased driver actually still has the phone in the hand,” Montes said.

Yay great law but still missing lots. I think they Need to outlaw having the phone in your hand behind the wheel PERIOD. There’s no need to hold your phone with all the gadgets that are available with hands free options. If you wanna talk, PULL THE FUCK OVER. Use your headset. Driving and texting ain’t cool.