NOAH TOMLIN is presumed dead. They will continue to search for him. Smh…

Police arrested the mother of 2-year-old Noah Tomlin and believe the toddler is dead, the Hampton police chief said Friday night.

Chief Terry Sult said specific charges against 34-year-old Julia Leanna Tomlin are pending. Meanwhile, he said, the search for the child will intensify.

Although police believe Noah is dead, police “will never give up hope,” Sult said at a news conference late Friday night at police headquarters.

He did not say what led police to believe the child had died, citing the ongoing investigation.

“Our hearts and prayers continue to go out to the loved ones of Noah Tomlin and Noah Tomlin,” he said. Tomlin’s other children “are being taken care of.” The city’s Child Protective Services department is working to make sure Tomlin’s other children are safe, Sult said.

Unfortunately to date, Noah has not been found,” Williams said. “However, based on the highly coordinated investigation we currently believe him to be deceased.”

These nasty ass bitches cannot seem to take care of their children. All they care about is getting high. What a SHAME. This woman should not have had those children after all of her prior issues with child protective services. And in my opinion they are just as guilty as she is. What would possess you to place a child back in the care of this unfit woman?

That poor little boy is in a better place than living with that trash. I’m pissed!

These trailer trash bitches just have these babies and continue to have them just so they can get a check and food stamps from the government. They don’t give a shit about these kids and the system is the biggest issue. Because in an effort to try to help these children out to make sure they aren’t hungry and that they aren’t homeless or want for anything they end up enabling these junkie crackhead parents.

And then people want to come on my blog and tell me off like I’m the bad guy. I’ve always tried to give mothers the benefit of the doubt. I’ve always tried to be positive so that everybody is fair and actually goes out to look for this missing kid. But when you continue to see the same thing over and over again, more crackhead parents killing their children and neglecting them, what do you expect me to act like? Don’t blame me if I write a blog and I’m talking shit and bringing out everybody’s dirt. I’m bringing out the dirt because I know just how disgusting these people are, and I have a pretty good idea of exactly how the damn story is going to turn out.

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Now where do you think this fucked up chick hid the body? I think we ALL know that Noah was gone BEFORE the date that mom says he went missing. I’m going to say 2-7 days Noah was gone BEFORE she reported him. I feel that.

They need to check every abandoned house. Check every freezer. Check places where a smell can be hidden. They will find this child and bring justice for him. A psychic stated on Facebook that the male in the home needs to be grilled. He needs to be interrogated because he knows what happened. What male is she talking about? I have no idea. I don’t recall them mentioning a male figure in the home. Do you?

This boy needs to be found.