Updated, July 3rd, 2019. Police believe they have found the body of Noah Tomlin and that his body was recovered in a steam plant.


6/29/2019 3:00 a.m. EST

Julia Tomlin, Noahs mother has been arrested, and her two-year-old son Noah Tomlin is presumed dead. They have not located his body as of yet however the search will continue. Julia has not been charged but she is in custody. CHARGES against her are pending. There is a post on the home page of this blog with the story. This is heartbreaking.

Do you think this is abusive? This is Noahs sister Cheyenne Renee Tomlin born December 26, 2018. Her mother is bathing her and you can hear what some are saying is Noah screaming in the background. This video was made 6 months ago. Do you think that Julie Tomlin should have any of her children? She left that tiny infant ALONE in the tub. Even a second alone is too long.

Noah is still missing after 4 days and mom has basically gone into hiding. That’s the only way I can describe it. She’s playing the victim and saying in essence That she’s afraid for the safety of her children. Well I’m thinking the children are in danger as long as they are in her care. That’s the only real danger that I can see.

After she released the text message statement saying that her whereabouts need to remain unknown for the safety of her children, I have been eagerly sitting by waiting for the police to come back and tell us that there is a legitimate reason for her to have fear. I am honestly not in the mood to hear another story about some out-of-town family member that came in and snatched this child up in the middle of the night. I don’t know about you, but I am not thinking that’s what happened at all. I’ve already been down that road before, and it didn’t turn out so well. So you’re not going to fool me again with that one.

In this video she appears to be bathing this child. And when I first initially watch the video, I thought to myself well at least she has the proper amount of water in there for the baby. It’s not too close up to the baby’s face, but then she does the ultimate no no. She walks away and leaves the baby in the tub. I think we all know how babies can squirm, and I think we all realize how slippery tubs can be. This is not a good look for her.