Updated July 3, 2019

Police Believe they have found the remains of two year old Noah Tomlin. His remains are believed to have been found in a steam plant.

Updated 3:09 a.m. 6/29

Julia Tomlin, NOAH TOMLINs mother has been arrested. She isn’t charged as of yet. Specific Charges are pending. However Noah Tomlin is presumed dead. They will continue to search for him

THIS blog is about prior abuse history from Noah Tomlins mom. Noah has been missing for 4 days. As of Thursday June 27, 2019 1:29 PM est as I’m editing this blog, he’s STILL MISSING!! 😢😢 FUCKING people really piss me off.

Last night Wednesday June 26, 2019 Mom made a TEXT MESSAGE STATEMENT. The statement was texted to Dan Kennedy of Fox13NOW

“I’m working real hard with law enforcement to help find my baby. I can’t have my location known or whereabouts of my other children for their safety.”

… yeah right.

Noah Tomlins mom Julia Tomlin
In 2010, Julia spent five months behind bars after pleading guilty to felony child neglect.

He’s a registered sex offender

Attention, NOAH TOMLIN is still missing as of 9:14 p.m. est June 26, 2019. I decided to do this blog so you can see his mother and decide for yourself whether he’s actually missing or already deceased.

Here is the article detailing the arrest.

[[The parents of a 1-year-old girl have been charged with neglect after paramedics and Child Protective Services told police they found the toddler with burns on her back, shoulders and arms.

Julia Leanna Tomlin, 25, and Justin Samuel Jones, 28, both were charged with felony child neglect, police wrote in a news release. Tomlin and Jones, who live in the 500 block of Woodall Court, were being held in jail.

Their five children were in the custody of Child Protective Services after the discovery on Tuesday afternoon, according to the release.]]

So that’s The missing 2 year old Noah Tomlins mom. I’m not going to go into too much detail because the most important detail is Noah is STILL MISSING. As EVERY story you can read has all said the same thing. He went missing some time after mom put him to bed at 1:00 a.m. and after she checked on him at 11:30 a.m. 10 hours later, he was gone. She reported him missing at 11:36 a.m.

Okay so basically, since the news insist on not releasing the details about the mom, and I have not been able to find any interviews of her, that actually made me a little bit more Curious. So I actually went to websleuths, which is a really good site to visit because they have a lot of information that you might Overlook. And they wouldn’t give the name of the lady on there, Noah’s mom that is. So with a little further digging I was able to find out her name, and discovered that she had been arrested. Now I got to be honest I did not find this out on my own. Somebody left a comment on Facebook about it, and I just did a follow-up to make sure that they were right with their comments. Because it’s not right to just take somebody’s word for it, you should always do your own research to make sure that the story is reliable. So it has been verified that she has been arrested in the past and that she was charged with child neglect. How many children does this woman have? At the time of the arrest in 2010 she had five children inside of the home. And now there’s three including the missing boy of hers. Did you happen to look at that mug shot? Looks like she might have some type of a substance issue. But you didn’t hear that from me.


More on the above arrest.

[On Tuesday, May 4th, 2010 at approximately 12:15 PM, officers were dispatched to the 500 block of Woodall Court in reference to meeting child protective services and Medics at an apartment regarding a case of possible child abuse. Upon arriving at the residence officers observed a 1 year old female who was suffering from burn marks on her back shoulders and on the back of her arms. The apartment was also in disarray with clothes, toys, and other items thrown all about the bedroom and the hallway. There are also four other siblings, a 6 and 1 year old female and a 4 and 2 year old male that resided in this apartment. The 1 year old was transported to an area hospital where she was treated for injuries and released. The other four siblings had no signs of abuse. Special Victims detective investigated the case and found that the child had been placed on the stove while the parents tended to another child. The 1 year old fell over on one of the burners and sustained injuries. The incident occurred on Friday April 30th, and the parents did not seek any medical attention for their child. The detective charged both the mother and father with 1 count each a felony child neglect. The mother was identified as Julia Leanne Tomlin who is 25 years old and the father was identified as Justin Samuel Jones who was 28, who both reside in the 500 block of Woodall Court with their five children. Both were placed in the custody of the city jail. And all of the children remain in the custody of child protective services.]

So do you think little Noah Tomlin is alive?

Statement about the search efforts

This statement comes from detectives working the case.

The search, which he described as intensive, has been done on land, sea and air, Sult said Wednesday. He added that they have searched by foot and with drones and sonar.

“We have looked on land, water; we have checked trash Dumpsters; we have checked neighborhoods, houses, underneath buildings, in sheds; we actually covered the area multiple times with different teams so we would have different eyes checking the same locations repeatedly,” Sult said.

No explanation is being ruled out, Sult said, including the chance that he walked away and the possibility of foul play.

“We are still hopeful that Noah will be found safely, without harm, and brought back home,” Sult said.

“The longer we go on, the more concerned we are for that child’s safety, particularly if that child is alone. A 2-year-old cannot care for itself. That’s why this is so pressing. That’s why there are so many resources involved in this.”

There are no charges against the boy’s parents, who have been cooperating with police, CNN affiliate WTKR reported. Sult said Wednesday that the mother is “holding up as well as you could expect under the circumstances.”

Remember, NOAH TOMLIN Has been missing for 2 days. He’s 2 years old. I’m under the impression that Noah has some issues with walking and possibly suffers from autism. I cannot confirm this. Just media posts. I’ve read that he WOULDN’T be able to walk that far by himself. So that could remove the theory that he wandered far off. It’s a little impossible to get lost in this trailer park because it’s pretty typical. Small yards, no privacy and people in close proximity of each other. Did they check for pedophiles? Were there any in this community?I realize that pedophiles can be in any community, but most of the times they tend to be in lower income communities because of the not so stringent background checks. They need to go door to door because Noah could be inside someone’s house being hidden. Also they stated that the dogs weren’t able to pick up his scent outdoors.

A search of the landfills could show that they figured the child might be there because coincidentally he went missing during trash collection day.

But do we have proof that Noah went missing the day and time his mother stated? Resident’s stated that they never really saw the children, so is there a guarantee that he even went missing Monday June 24, 2019? That’s when mom called 911, but that’s NOT ACTUAL proof.

A comment about mom.

Uhh what?? Did y’all read that? That’s posted PUBLICLY so I have rights to it.

Uhh guys what’s going on with this momma? Also I’m reading that she has over 10 children but keeps losing custody of them.

There were reports that a body might have been spotted in a river or lake but after searching that has turned up zero.

The majority of the times when a child does go missing, if the parent had any type of child abuse or neglect charges against them, they’ve killed that child. Accidentally, or not, these stories don’t end well.

This child allegedly went 10 hours in their own bedroom without being looked at by the mom. That child was allegedly in the room for over 10 hours and nobody came in and checked on the little boy. Does that make any sense to you? There are three children in this house that we know of. They live in a manufactured home. This house is not that big, so I’m certain that the other children shared a bedroom space with little Noah. Mom should also have a 6 month old baby that she gave birth to in December 2018, so where is that baby sleeping? I am certain a 6 month old baby still needs to be fed at least every 4 hours or so, so… that means when she was getting up to feed the six month old, she should have been able to go and check on little Noah and figure out at 4 o’clock that Noah was actually missing. Did she sleep so soundly to the point where she never woke up that night?

What about feeding Noah in the morning time? What about Noah’s breakfast? Was it normal for Noah not to have breakfast, or anything to eat before 11:30 am? I can’t think of a child that sleeps till 12 noon and totally misses out on breakfast. Children are very greedy, even a two-year-old loves to eat, so I cannot imagine that Noah would not have climbed out of bed and went in to wake his mom up at 7 or 8 in the morning. Definitely not NOT wake her up.

Don’t you find it strange that all of these stories are the exact same plot? Mom goes to bed and wakes up and the child is missing. It’s like they keep reading the stories of the same criminals that have killed their child in times past and using the exact same script and treating us like we’re stupid.

Now for the gossip.

So if you’ve done any research on this missing children’s case you’d probably come across a girl named Rosie. Yeah, Rosie is quite the character. Her name is Rosemary Hewitt and thanks to her cursing everybody out on social media, That got me more interested. See, I’m fully aware that a kid is missing and that’s horrible that these parents can’t keep it together. Well Rosie has a bit of a checkered past. Last year, I believe Rosie was arrested after falsely accusing a man of sexual assault. You see Rosie used to be a prostitute, she may actually still be a prostitute. And according to the news she was arrested for making a false report against one of her clients. I’m not here to bash Rosie, I’m here to say what type of people is Julia associating herself with. That’s the point of bringing up Rosie. Because Rosie has such a Negative opinion of Julia, it makes me think they may actually know each other personally. Now Rosie claims on her Facebook profile that she is going to be talking to the police and giving them all the information that she has pertaining to Julia. I’m not exactly sure how credible Rosie is at this time since she was arrested and charged with making a false report against someone. But lets wait and see.

STORY below…

This story iS dated August 2018

HAMPTON, Va. (AP) — A Virginia woman is accused of lying to police last week when she reported that a man she met on a dating app had assaulted her.

WAVY-TV reported Tuesday that Hampton police have charged 18-year-old Rosemary Hewitt with filing a false report and prostitution. Hampton Police also dropped attempted abduction and assault charges against 52-year-old Kevin Staples.

Court records say Staples told authorities he agreed to pay Hewitt $125 for sex, but the two fought over the money when they met. He says he tried to get the cash back but left when Hewitt started screaming. Hewitt then called police and said Staples assaulted her. The station says Staples’ charges were dropped after police saw text messages between him and Hewitt. It’s unclear if Hewitt has a lawyer.

Another story with more details

[Last week, 52-year-old Kevin Staples was charged with attempted abduction and assault after meeting the woman on a dating app. Police now say the woman’s story was bogus.

“It’s got a bad effect,” Staples said.

Staples says he met 18-year-old Rosemary Hewitt on Mac Alva Drive.

“She set up everything. When to come, where to go, and how much money to bring,” Staples added.

According to court documents, Staples agreed to pay Hewitt $125 for sex.

“There was a scuffle over the money and she ended up with it,” Staples said. “I’m a construction worker and fairly strong and this girl is big and strong as well. I didn’t get the money back from her.”

Staples say he tried to get money back from Hewitt, but she started screaming. That’s when he drove off.

Hewitt called police and told them he assaulted her out of the blue. Warrants were taken out for his arrest.

Police say they then interviewed Staples and he showed them text messages from Hewitt. They decided it proved he was not a suspect, but a victim. His charges were dropped right away.

“All this is just a big scam and I was a victim in it,” Staples added.

The victim in the case became the suspect. Police charged Hewitt with filing a false police report and prostitution. She is now being held in jail.

Hewitt will make her next court appearance in October.

“Since all this happened, my reputation is gone way down hill and I’m here to straighten it,” Staples said.]

Poor guy. Being falsely accused is just dead wrong.

But now Rosemary is back in the spotlight again. Btw is this her?

Rosemary the Sugar Baby

And that’s ok. She’s free to look for a sugar daddy. Anyway, she really doesn’t like Julia. I wonder why she’s decided to insert herself into this story.

More about Rosie, Rosies mother was named Stephanie Shaw. Stephanie Shaw was brutally murdered by her own son, and Rosies Brother, Nathaniel Hewitt.

Rosemary Hewitt is such a young thing to be going through this.

Perhaps That’s why she can’t stand Julie. Rosie knew that her own mom failed her in many ways and she’s hard on any unfit mother. She seems to have forgiven her mother for their past conflicts. I believe Rosie had been given a raw deal. Her mother died when she was 14-15.

But she mentions something in the comment. The comment above was actually written by Rosemary Hewitt. Was she babysitting Noah? Did her family have custody of Noah? She states that Noahs mom returns the children to them with dirty diapers and no socks AFTER VISITATION.

An excerpt from the arrest of Rosies brother.

^^^A teenager was sentenced to 45 years in prison on Friday for bludgeoning his mother to death with a candlestick and glass vase in her Newport News living room in January 2015.

Nathaniel G. Hewitt, now 18, was initially charged with first-degree murder and a weapons charge in the slaying of his mother, 41-year-old Stephanie Shaw, in her home on Logan Place, which is off Warwick Boulevard just south of Harpersville Road.

Hewitt pleaded guilty in May to second-degree murder and using a weapon in a felony. On Friday, Newport News Circuit Court Judge Bryant L. Sugg gave him the maximum under law for the crimes — 40 years on the murder and five years on the weapons charge.

Shaw, a waitress, was beaten with a “large candlestick” and glass vase, with bite marks found on her forearm, according to a criminal complaint affidavit filed with Hewitt’s May 2015 arrest warrants. The State Medical Examiner’s Office said she died of “blunt force impact to the left side of the head.”^^^

Where is all this going? I have no idea. I’m just reporting what I find and trying to figure out where this child is. Hell I was thinking that maybe Rosie has him. We DON’T KNOW. He could be anywhere. But remember, CLOSE IS BETTER. When looking for missing kids that you suspect a parent of hurting, LOOK CLOSE. Under 5 miles. An abandoned house, a freezer, some place hidden in plain sight. The trunk of an old car. Parents tend to place children they’ve hurt in places you wouldn’t think to look.

You know something else to think about. How does Rosemary Hewitt know Noahs mom? They are 15 years apart. How are they in the same circle? Maybe Rosemarys mom Stephanie and Julie were buddies. There are comments on Rosemarys page where somebody is going low by insulting her mom. Not to be a jerk, but apparently Stephanie Shaw was no saint. Before Stephanie died, maybe she used to hang out with Julie. Maybe she dabbled a bit. Or maybe she was this great mom who took on the responsibility of trying to help a struggling Julie by taking the kids for a while and that’s how Rosie knows her. She was a teenager back then. Who knows what she witnessed. Rosie could have seen Julie do some shady stuff.

Right now I don’t know what to believe. Noah could be deceased. The most recent post on His mom’s facebook page is her showing us her beautiful children. A quote from her. Maybe she placed it there for our benefit. Maybe she knew what she’d done and wanted to show herself as the proud mom. Time will tell.

It’s currently 5:02 a.m. and I’m awake just like you are thinking about this little guy. After the 2010 arrest, she should not have gotten her kids back. That was a mistake to trust her with those children again.

The search efforts are focusing on a landfill. They claim it’s preliminary to cross off all possible locations. They will continue searching at day break.

We need closure.

In an interview given on 06/26 by Hampton police chief Terry Sult stated:

“There’s somebody out there that likely knows something,” he said. “We need that piece of information to help guide us as well.”

“We do have some things that we are working on, but again, we won’t go into that right now.”

He said the boy’s parents are cooperating in the investigation.

According to WTKR, police were expected to give an update on the case Thursday morning.

So it was brought to my attention that perhaps Noah Tomlin and Rosemary Hewitt share the same dad.

Of course Rosemary was in one of her typical Facebook arguments where she mentions that Noah is her brother., so I took a screenshot of it so that you can see it for yourself. I’m not certain of any story being released today where Rosemary is the spokesperson, but if that does come available I will definitely post it as soon as I see it.