The number of HIV cases in Central Florida has been steadily rising.

“The Orlando metropolitan area, which is Orlando, Kissimmee and Sanford, is ranked No. 2 for rates of new HIV cases,” Nicole Elinoff, of the Department of Public Health in Orange County, said.

The Orlando metropolitan area is behind Miami-Dade County, which is ranked No. 1 in the country.

“We have seen an increase in STD trends happening for a long time. HIV is preventable through a drug called PREP, which stands for pre-exposure prophylaxis. It’s a pill someone HIV-negative can take every day to protect them against contracting HIV,” Elinoff said.

Health officials are working with a number of agencies to offer free and confidential HIV testing this month during National HIV Testing Day.

“You can only tell your status if you get tested. No one can look at someone and say if you’re negative or positive. I know, for my personal status, the first I got tested was the first time I knew I was HIV-positive. So it’s very important to get on track and tested at least once a year as recommended by the CDC,” David Rodriguez said.

Those who do find out they are HIV-positive have important steps to follow after.

“Talk to your doctor, get on medication, get to an undetectable level so that your risk of transmitting the virus to someone else is lowered greatly, and you can continue to live a long, healthy life,” Rodriguez said.

Next week, certain Walgreens in Central Florida will hold free testing for National HIV Testing Day.

What’s in the water at Miami Dade county? Goodness gracious. You’d think it would be New York, but nope. A little city in Florida. I think its because Miami is the new Vegas. ANYTHING goes there. And I’m all for grown ups doing whatever they wish, but being #1 In this category would make me settle down real quick with a good man or CHOOSE a life of celibacy.

I’m glad that there’s a drug that you can take to help you stay negative but you have to make sure you continue to practice safe sex. I think every woman who thinks her husband is a lying cheater should get her hands on that. Every person who lives a promiscuous lifestyle should be taking this medication. Every drug user should be popping this pill every day. I’m happily married and I feel safe for the most part. But even I would consider taking it if I thought my hubby was gonna step out on me. After I punch him in the face, I’d go get these pills. So many people died from AIDS, and it woulda been good had this medication been available. It could have saved and prolonged lives.

Now we worry about Anal Cancer. We stress over HPV, the virus that causes throat cancer in men and cervical cancer in women. That’s a doozy. I wasn’t aware until last night that Farrah Fawcett died from Anal Cancer. Unfortunately she died the same day Michael Jackson died and her death hardly got any attention. Well since then, I was watching a story where Marcia Cross came out about her diagnosis with Anal Cancer and it got me to doing research on the condition. Then it made me think about Michael Douglas who had throat cancer and we all laughed at the thought of getting that from oral sex. I believe that’s how he said he got it. Yikes!! I Didn’t put much stock into it because I was trying to avoid HIV AND AIDS. After all, you can’t get throat cancer from eating coochie. Turns out, you can. The only way to determine whether a woman has HPV is by having a pap smear annually. That test checks for Cervical cancer which ultimately tests for HPV, human papillomavirus.

There are many strains of this virus and one CAN lead to cancer of the butt. A man performing oral sex on a woman can get the virus. It typically goes undetectable in men as in it produces no symptoms initially. But a man that’s infected could have Bumps on his penis, and have sores near his anus. Ugh, this REALLY sucks. Just coming into contact with a genital area that’s infected, whether penetrated or not could spread the virus from person to person. There are no tests that men can take to check if they have it. So the woman needs to get her Pap smears done annually. DO YOUR PAP SMEARS ANNUALLY. Do it!

What you may not know.

HPV usually clears up on its own. Yeah that’s right. IF you’re an overall healthy person with no issues with your immune system, it will clean itself. Yeah, that’s crazy. But if your immune system is compromised in any way, it could lead to genital warts and and even more unpleasant health issues.

Having a good sex life means, condoms if you’re single and playing the field. Showering after sex. Washing your mouth out and brushing your teeth after oral sex. Avoid having sex if you’re intoxicated. There could be sores that you miss. Taking PREP or Truvada. And basically doing whatever you can to stay safe. After sex, cuddling sounds great. But nope. Crawl your nasty ass out that bed and hop in the shower. Worst case scenario, take a whore bath with hot water, soap and a sink. Clean that shit up.

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Play it safe unless you don’t mind a 10 inch camera sliding up your butt hole.